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Pipes - Glass Pipes


Glass weed pipes, pure and pure in taste!

Choosing the right cannabis smoking accessory is not easy for everyone. Are you going for a wooden, metal or glass one? We will help you make the right choice. Do you want to go for a cannabis pipe that can take a beating and does not need to be cleaned often? Then the choice falls on a metal or wooden pipes. Are you choosing a weed pipe for the taste and for smoking at home? Then we recommend a glass cannabis pipes.

How to clean cannabis glass pipes?

Glass pipes are phenomenal when it comes to taste. The herbs you burn will have a pure and clean taste. This is because glass does not give off a bad aftertaste. The glass pipes are therefore also very popular. What is less about a glass weed-pipe is the deposit of smoke and tar. This is immediately noticeable and often looks dirty. Fortunately, we also sell a pipe- cleaner and long cotton swab sticks. With these two items, you can easily clean each pipe. We therefore always advise you to immediately purchase a pipe cleaner with the purchase. This prevents nasty looking cannabis pipes. A clogged and dirty cannabis-pipe can certainly affect the taste of the cannabis. Keep your cannabis pipes clean for a pure taste.

Does a spiral cannabis pipes make it possible to take a longer hit?

The spiral cannabis-pipe is a unique example among the weed pipes. These can only be made from glass and not from wood. As the smoke in the pipe travels through a spiral, it is cooled. This makes it possible to take bigger and longer hits. Because the smoke travels longer, from combustion to the lungs, it cools more. This is a big plus of these types of cannabis pipes. Cooled smoke allows you to take bigger hits from your weed pipe. A great idea from the makers of these spiral glass pipes.

Why should I buy a cannabis pipe instead of a wooden one?

A glass cannabis-pipe will not affect the taste of cannabis or other herbs. As a result, we recommend glass pipes as the best choice when it comes to  taste if they are only used at home. You do not easily take a glass pipe with you on the road, they break quickly. We also offer other pipes of other materials. In addition, if a glass pipe has been used often, you will see the brown deposit on the glass. This visually makes the pipe less attractive for use. Here too we have a solution, namely a cleaning agent especially for cleaning glass bongs or cannabis pipes.

Buy your weed pipes online here!

Buying a cannabis smoking pipe is very easy. We do, however, recommend that you read the description carefully before placing an order. From the moment we receive the purchase amount of the order, we will immediately pack the weed pipe with care and send it with track and trace. This makes it possible to track the package to your home. If you have decided on a cannabis pipe, we always recommend buying the Pipe cleaner. A brown looking cannabis pipe is not very tasty to smoke.