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Smoking Accessories - Rolling Trays


What is a cannabis Rolling-Tray?

A roll tray is a small carrying tray with raised edges that is used for rolling a joint and storing your cannabis products such as long rolling papers, small ashtray, grinder, and tips. By using a rolling tray, the table stays clean, and you always have your cannabis smoking accessories within reach. Say goodbye to junk on the kitchen or living room table. Moreover, you can simply put all the cannabis that has fallen on the turntable while rolling back into the joint. The raised edges keep everything neat and clean.

Long rolling papers are a must-have for every cannabis smoker!

Long rolling papers have become an integral part of cannabis culture. Of course, you have many vaporizers where you no longer need long rolling papers. Yet the vast majority of cannabis users use long rolling papers as smoking accessories. A long rolling paper belongs on a rolling tray along with a grinder and some filters.
smoking paper grneengo

A Rolling-Tray makes a great gift for a deep-rooted cannabis user!

We sell no less than 28 different blow roller trays! Each has its own unique design and size. We always advise, if you are planning to purchase a rolling tray, to go for the size: large rolling tray: 27 cm x 16 cm. It is very important for a cannabis user that they can store all their smoking accessories on this. It is annoying when you have bought a smaller size, there is no room left for your pack of rolling papers, cones, grinder or cigarettes. The rolling tray with the format 27 x 16 is large enough for your grinder, weed, rolling papers, tip book and cigarettes if you need them.

Small Rolling Tray: 18cm x 14cm
Large Rolling Tray: 27cm x 16cm
Large XXL Rolling Tray: 27cm x 34cm

Rolling Tray 420? What does this number actually mean?

420 is a unique number among cannabis users. It indicates the day and time (20/4 at 16:20) that is important in cannabis culture. On this day and time, cannabis is smoked collectively all over the world. This day and time comes from the Waldo brothers. They met every day after school at 4:20 PM (4:20 PM) to light up a cannabis joint. The term 420 was quickly adopted by the cannabis culture and has since been proclaimed a global phenomenon. Every year on April 20 at 4:20 PM, hundreds of thousands of joints are lit at the same time around the world. This day is an important day for all cannabis enthusiasts. 

rolling tray cannabis 420

Tips or filters belong on a Rolling-Tray!

You can't roll a joint without a tip or filter. These are of great importance, at least if you want to take a normal drag from your cannabis joint. Without a tip, the rolling paper will get wet and then it's done. On a rolling tray, next to tips or filters also long rolling papers and a grinder. These are items that are a must-have for a cannabis user. A cannabis smoker cannot do anything without these smoking accessories. A rolling tray itself is not much use. The size is just too small to use as a tray. The dimensions are specially designed for storing smoking accessories such as a lighter or grinder and for rolling a joint.

Where can I order a Rolling-Tray online?

You can order one or more rolling trays from us super easy. We have a large stock, so you will not miss out quickly. Moreover, you can pay quickly and easily with IDEAL. If we have received the payment on the day of order before 4 pm, we will send it the same day. We will ship the rolling-trays or other smoking necessities pack carefully and with care. You will receive an email with the track and trace to follow it to the front door.