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If a friend has asked you to be a trip sitter, you can probably use some tips. A trip sitter involves more than just sitting next to someone who has taken a psychedelic. It is especially important that you are there if the trip does not go as planned.

If you are the trip sitter, we have the best tips that can help you make a friend's trip as safe and pleasant as possible. In this blog we will explain how to prepare yourself, during and after a trip and on what you should pay attention to.

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Why a tripsitter?

Wonder why you should be present on a friend's trip? (the rest of the text we'll use the term friend, but this includes the term girlfriend from here on out). Surely he can trip alone? Does he or she really needs a babysitter?

Tripping is often a great experience, but if you've ever used a psychoactive substance, you know that it can be different. In addition, there are all kinds of reasons why it can be useful to arrange a tripsitter, such as safety and comfort. If you're going to be your friend's tripsitter, you'll have an important role. It involves more than just being present. You will not do anything to steer the trip, but you can intervene if necessary. Below, you can read all about what you can do for your friends as a trip sitter and how you can help them to fully enjoy their trip.

Before the trip begins

There are three things that you can do before the trip starts, so that you and your friend are as well prepared as possible.

Know what is being used

Take a moment to find out what your friend will use. The effects of one drug differ from those of another. Knowing what your friend may be experiencing will also help you understand what is normal behaviour during a trip and what is not. You will therefore know better what to expect.

Prepare the room

Look around the room where your friend is going to trip. Try to make this space as safe and comfortable as possible. Have a bed or a couch with a blanket. Get a bottle of water and some food. Remove items that may be dangerous.

Have a good conversation

The best way to help your friend is if you know what's going on in their life. If you know your friend well, that won't be a problem. But if not, take some time to get to know each other. Has that person experienced any unpleasant things lately, is he comfortable in his own skin? If the trip on psychedelics isn't going well, that kind of knowledge is exactly what you need. You can then better reassure them, because what you say is on a personal level. But it is also important that the other person feels comfortable with you, and that is better than you already know each other a little.


During the trip

Sometimes during not have much to do on a trip. Actually, that's good news, because your friend will just be exploring the scope of his mind. So you may have to get through a few hours. So make sure you have something with you that will distract you. Just be careful with noisy games or loud music. In some cases, that can distract your tripping friend or negatively affect his mood.

It is best that you are not in the same room as your friend. You want the other person to be able to completely surrender to the experience, and it's best if you're not there. However, keep your ears and eyes open: Take a look around the room regularly. A trip can suddenly turn around. If that happens, there's work to be done.

If you know your friend well, you can distract him with happy memories you've experienced. Try to reassure the other person as best you can. Ask simple questions and remind your friend that the trip will pass by itself. Provide a tripstopper if necessary. Always take care of your own safety and that of others. Is there a violent situation, or are you concerned about your friend's physical or mental condition? Then don't hesitate and get professional help. If it has come, explain what your friend used and tell what happened.

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After the trip

Even after the psychedelics has worked out, it is good to stay with the tripper. The brain needs time to give the whole experience a place. Of course, you also want to check whether your friend is feeling well, both mentally and physically. Take the time to talk for a while. Let the other person tell you what they have experienced and how they look back on the trip. That helps with processing, but also helps you to better estimate whether your friend is back on earth.

If there was a bad trip, it can be good to discuss whether there was a reason for this. If you can find it, you may be able to avoid this situation next time. When you see that your friend is not quite himself yet, make sure he takes a rest. Sleeping is a good way to get rid of the last effects. But you can always take a detox product to help your body get rid of the harmful substances faster.

As you can see, being a tripsitter is quite a responsibility and there are a lot of things to take care of. You might prefer to use some yourself, but it's really important that you stay sober and ready for your friend. And if you do this for him now, your friend will probably take on the role of a trip sitter the next time you want to trip. So you can help each other trip safely. Do not foget to order a tripstopper along your psychedelics. A tripstopper can brake the trip slowly.