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It's February and that means Valentine's Day is coming up! The day of love, but love can be filled in broadly of course... Do you fancy a sexy Valentine's Day this year? Then we can definitely help you with that. Read here how to make this day a party in bed and excite your partner.

Need a libido boost?

Not everyone is blessed with a high sex drive. Could you or your partner/spouse use a libido boost? Then read our recent article on natural aphrodisiacs! Nature provides all kinds of healthy aphrodisiacs. And so, too, in our shop. Here are some of our favourites:

Kratom instead of wine

Kratom is an aphrodisiac plant that also gives you a wonderful high. Swap the wine for kratom this Valentine's Day and you can count on some fine sexy time. In fact, the unique thing about kratom is that it is both uplifting and relaxing. You can compare the effect to a mild MDMA high or a white wine falling nicely. Enneh, for the boys: it seems kratom can help you take longer to cum. Everybody happy!

Slow down and enlarge: extra sexy time this Valentine's Day

Want to enjoy extra-long sexy stuff this Valentine's Day? Monster Cock is a multi-supplement packed with ingredients capable of growing your young lord. If you want to make an extra impression in the bedroom with the contents of your boxer shorts, try this pill from Devil's Candy for a while.

Delay and more time

New to our range are the Mr Stiff erection and libido supplements. These prolong sexual stamina and make you more energetic. Just what you want on Valentine's Day! Delay spray is a final top tip when you want to buy extra sexy time this Valentine's Day.

Chocolate: the basic ingredient of Valentine's Day

Chocolate, of course, always does well on Valentine's Day. Nobody says no to a box of Merci or chocolate seafood, but such a standard gift doesn't really show love and thoughtfulness either... Still, chocolate is a must on the day we celebrate love. So be sure to keep it in, but make sure it has a memorable twist. Do something original this year with space chocolate or CBD Choco Leaves, for instance.

Say it with sexy Valentine's Day candy

Is your love language giving small gifts? Then you'll find all kinds of things to surprise your Valentine with in our shop. CBD Love Gummies for example: heart-shaped, of course. Besides the healthy CBD, these candies contain Damiana and Muira Puama; natural aphrodisiacs.

More sperm? Sperm Flood!

Not everyone is a fan of it, but others are: sperm. If you and/or your partner fall into the latter category, go for Sperm Flood. Sounds like the title of a bad porn movie, but it is a cure of tablets that stimulates sperm production. Start the cure a few days before your date and treat with an extra load this year.

Go crazy: trip together

For some people, a light trip boosts libido. It can also make physical touch extra intense. Explore together with truffles, for example, and see where you end up!

Tasty cooking

Do you and your lover(s) like to eat and cook? Then dive into the kitchen together and make something delicious. But with mind-blowing effects! First choose the basic ingredient. For example, do you especially want a relaxing evening? Cook with weed using the recipes in this article. A space cake, for instance, with or without a topping of chocolate and CBD candy for extra points with your date. Or go for a recipe with magic truffles - something different!


Do you want to be especially deeply relaxed this Valentine's Day? Or is your partner rather stressed? Then go for the golden combo of a massage with relaxing products from nature. You'll be doing everyone a favour with that! And who knows where the massage will lead...