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Maca root, maca for short, is a supplement that is gaining increasing attention from the general public. The main reason: this 'Peruvian ginseng' is said to boost your libido and sexual performance. Whatever your gender. It is therefore a common ingredient in several of our erotica products. It could also help with fertility problems. Read all about maca, its effects and possible risks here.

What is maca and where does it come from?

The maca root (Lepidium meyenii) is native to the Andes. It has been found in Peru and surrounding areas since the 14th century. Here it was used as a medicinal plant, but also in food. In fact, maca is one of the few medicinal plants that has a genuinely delicious flavour: a little nutty. It does resemble hazelnut, with a little imagination. Maca root is also used today in traditional Eastern medicine.

Maca usually refers to the supplement made from the maca root. This supplement is available as powder and capsules, but it is also incorporated into multivitamins and other healthy products.

The effects of maca root

Maca has various effects on your body and mind. It is nicknamed Peruvian ginseng. Those familiar with 'normal' ginseng will know that this plant falls under uplifters. The same seems to be the case for maca. Not much research has been done on it yet, but some studies among mice and women suggest that it can help combat fatigue. In a 2016 study, nearly 200 participants took 3 grams of maca powder every day for 12 weeks, which improved both their mood and energy.

There are some studies that point to other effects. For instance, it is possibly an anti-inflammatory and may give your brain a helping hand. But this actually needs some more research if we really want to know for sure. Until then, if you're looking for ways to be sick less often, read this article with tips for boosting your immunity. It also seems to be an adaptogen. This means maca can improve your body's ability to adapt to stress. Another interesting result is that it can help women suffering from menopause; it can relieve various symptoms.

But the main effect people use maca root for is to boost libido. That is why you will find it in several natural libido enhancing products. Read all about maca's effects on your libido below.

Maca good for your libido

If you Google maca, you will immediately see that it is mainly promoted as a natural remedy to improve your sexual function and libido. Before you get excited: not all studies show an effect. What does seem to be true is that maca powder can improve libido and sperm production. For that, though, you have to take it every day for weeks at a time, in doses of 2 to 3 grams.

Interestingly, maca seems to be a nice supplement for people whose libido has deteriorated thanks to antidepressants. SSRIs are specifically known for this; quite a few users may feel better psychologically, but not exactly hornier. A study of mostly women showed that maca improved their sex life. In this study, they used 3 grams a day to see effects. So pay attention to the dose when using it for this purpose.

These are our products with maca

In our shop, you will find several products containing maca. Give your libido a nice boost with MCSX, for example; an aphrodisiac for every sex. XTCY gives you an xtc-like rush, but healthy and sexy. Devils Candy Sperm Flood is exactly what you think it is... If you are looking for a pill that boosts your sperm production considerably, this is your thing. If you want to go tripping with a sexy edge, then we recommend the Happy Tea Truffle Set with maca and damiana.

Does maca root have any drawbacks or side effects?

Maca is generally considered safe and easy to digest. Even so, it can still cause side effects such as stomach upset in some people. If you struggle with specific problems for which you want to use maca supplements, consult your doctor first.