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Traditional Chinese medicine, known internationally as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a millennia-old holistic healing method. Needless to say, this medicine was and is used in China. But countries in the region also make use of the knowledge and skills from TCM and overarching Oriental medicine. It is seen by other sciences as a woolly pseudoscience, but you will be surprised how much evidence is now being found for various traditional practices within this ancient science. However, this is offset by many totally unproven claims... Read here what exactly TCM means and the best remedies you can take according to this medicine.

What is traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the concept of balance and harmony between body, mind and environment. Diseases arise because this balance is disturbed, is the thinking. In TCM, there is a strong emphasis on the influence of your mind on your body and vice versa. Psychosomatic complaints therefore lend themselves ideally to being tackled with this medicine. Also, part of this holistic approach is that we humans are shaped by our environment. And that is not such a strange thought at all, of course! When you take psychedelics, for instance, you immediately realise the influence of your environment on your trip experience.

The many substances within TCM

TCM uses various remedies, including herbs and plants to treat diseases and boost health, as well as animal products. The latter is quite a point of criticism, as quite a few animals have been killed because of superstitions. Quite a few endangered species too. Tiger blood and rhino horns have not even been proven to advance your health, sadly for these animals. Except for a possible placebo effect, perhaps.

The good news is that several remedies from traditional medicine do have proven effectiveness. Here is an overview.


One of the best-known remedies in traditional Chinese medicine is skullcap, also known as Mealybug and Huang Qin. Skullcap is best used for anxiety, mood issues and inflammation. Of these issues, skullcap has been proven to help with them. It also fights not only viruses but also infections. Always useful! There are several other conditions the little plant could potentially help with, such as dementia. However, that actually needs a bit more research.


Ginseng is a tuber with almost magical powers. For instance, it gives you energy and stamina. That's why you often come across it in energy-boosting supplements and preworkouts. In addition, it can improve your immune system and brain function. So it really is everyone's friend!

Medicinal mushrooms: important resources within traditional Chinese medicine

Say traditional Chinese medicine, you say medicinal mushrooms. There are several beautiful fungi that can benefit your body. And this has been scientifically proven. Medicinal mushrooms have immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This means they can be beneficial for your general health and certain specific purposes. For instance, the Silver Ear mushroom is said to improve your skin quality. The Turkey Tail mushroom, in turn, is beneficial for your intestines.

Some of the most popular and healthiest medicinal mushrooms are listed below.


Reishi mushrooms are considered the immortality mushroom. Now that's a claim nobody believes, of course, but overall it can be called a pretty impressive fungus. Use Reishi to boost your immune system, improve circulation, stress, fatigue and overall health. You owe the latter mainly to antioxidants, which Reishi is rich in. Take it as capsules or powder.


Shiitake mushrooms are known for their antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. They are often used to boost the immune system, support liver function and lower cholesterol levels.


Cordyceps mushrooms are used as an energy giver and to improve lung function. The fresh mushrooms or Cordyceps powder and capsules are often used for fatigue, asthma and kidney problems.

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane mushrooms are best known for their brain-boosting power. That is why you regularly find this mushroom in microdosing stacks, such as the Full Focus microdosing kit from Wise Rootz. But this fungus has more health benefits! Read all about it here: What is the effect of the Lion's Mane Mushroom?