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Welcome to another new blog! This time we take you on libido enhancing products. Because what exactly are these products, how can it increase your libido, and is it widely used? This can of course be quite handy in some cases – and tasty – to be? Read more about the different products in this article.

Libido enhancing products

Libido enhancing products can be quite useful. Sometimes the body just doesn't want to cooperate, of course you can really hate that. Fortunately, at 24high we have a number of products that could give your libido a boost. Read more about that later in the article.


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Natural libido-enhancing food

Did you also know that there are many natural products, which you probably take quite often, can provide an increased libido? See below a number of natural products that can contribute very well to your libido.

  • Coffee
    So time for that extra cup of coffee before you go to your date. Coffee stimulates serotonin and dopamine. These are happiness hormones.

  • Peanuts
    Take a nice handful or use them in a dish. Peanuts contain the special substance histidine. This will give you a more intense orgasm, and hey, who wouldn't want that!

  • Avocado
    Did you know that avocados contain a lot of folic acid? This is super good for your blood circulation, which in turn ensures an increased libido.

  • Asparagus
    Bring on the asparagus season! Because asparagus makes us maniacs in bed. It would make you very active in bed, so bring on that wild lovemaking! 

  • Bananas:
    this fruit is especially good for our men. They are full of enzymes, such as bromelain, which are good for their libido. And of course we also know that bananas contain a lot of energy, which is always nice during a lovemaking.

  • Oysters:
    Oysters and a glass of wine. According to many people, the perfect combination of a passionate evening. Oysters are rich in zinc, which is good for your testosterone. Bring it on, a nice date night with oysters and champagne!

libido increase

Products at 24high for your libido

In addition to the natural food, an extra booster is sometimes nice if you don't want to increase your libido a bit. We have a number of great products for this at 24high.

Royal Sex: yes please!

Royal Sex is a strong aphrodisiac. It contains a blend of herbs including Kratom and Passionflower. This herbal blend increases your sex drive! Royal Sex is a strong aphrodisiac love shot that lasts about four hours. Bring on that date!


  • Passion Flower Extract 35mg
  • Kratom Extract 250mg
  • Gaba
  • Maca
  • Citrate

Muira Puama Indian Elements

This natural libido enhancer is also known as ‘potency wood’. Muira Puama increases the libido in men and increases the lust in women. The means for a banging and exciting sex life.

It is therefore a well-known aphrodisiac in Brazil, and that promises something with the hot evenings where Brazilë is known for. There are even rumors that Muira Puama can increase the penis. Both in length and in thickness. In any case, it ensures a stronger erection that lasts longer, more sperm and better sperm quality. In addition to these great aphrodisiac effects, Muira Puama from Indian Elements also has effects that are beneficial for overall human health. A true miracle herb. Bring on this fine product.

Black stone delay spray

We also have Black Stone Delay Spray. It actually says it all, this spray slows down the ejaculation process, which means you can have sex for much longer. This means no more 1 minute man! Of course, we also sell products that can be taken together, such as, MCSX! These are capsules for the manor woman that increase energy, arouse the lust and cause arousal. Very popular because they can be used together.


Cola Nut Indian elements

The Indian Elements Cola Nut is often used for weight loss. It increases your energy level so that you can exercise intensively for longer, and thus also sex. As for the aphrodisiac effect of the cola nut, it is special that it lasts for a long time. This libido booster according to the latest posts. Bring on that tight stomach and that active lovemaking.

Mexican or Spanish Fly, famous for its aphrodisiac and erotic effect.

The erotic Spanish-Latin drops are world-famous and for good reason! These erotic and aphrodisiac love drops contain a high dose of L-Arginine! L-Arginine is an amino acid that increases libido and blood flow to the clitoris in women and erection in men. It works aphrodisiac in women but also in men! With just a few erotic drops of L-Arginine you are assured of an exciting evening full of eroticism! We offer a wide range of different flavours of sweet Spainish Lovedrops such as: banana, cola, apple and strawberry, plenty of choice for everyone! This is a true aphrodisiac in a jar.

2seduce Female tightener

In this piece, we zoom in specifically on the women. We also offer enough products for women related to lust, sex and excitement. Let's take as an example, Lucifers fire pussy tightening gel. This gel ensures that the vaginal walls tighten. The vaginal walls are sensitive and when they close exactly around the penis this will bring about maximum pleasure.

An evening full of passion and pleasure

Even if you have a high libido, and everything works optimally, you can give your sex life a boost with libido-enhancing products! Nice to try during an exciting evening together. Spice up your sex life!