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Ceremonial 100% Raw Cacao Paste Chunks - Ecuador

Ceremonial 100% Raw Cacao Paste Chunks - Ecuador
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Ceremonial 100% Raw Cacao Paste Chunks - Ecuador - 200 Grams
€ 14,95
Ceremonial 100% Raw Cacao Paste Chunks - Ecuador - 1000 Grams
€ 49,95


Ceremonial 100% Raw Cacao Pasta Chunks - Ecuador is made from the 'King of Cacao', namely organic, Criollo cocoa beans. This type of cacao is used not only by prestigious chocolate brands such as Valrhona, but also by artisanal brands such as Duffy's and Forever Cacao, due to its delicate flavour profile, which comes from a higher fat content. This cocoa guarantees 100% purity and raw quality, with no additives or deletions. We do not add any preservatives or other unwanted ingredients. The Criollo cocoa beans used are grown in the Peruvian Amazon, the spiritual home of cocoa. This makes the ceremonial-grade cocoa paste not only a high-quality product but also an ethical choice.

The taste is obviously delectable, but the benefits of cacao go beyond pleasure. Our organic raw cacao liquor is an effective superfood, rich in nutrients and antioxidants. We ensure that our products retain their nutritional value by processing them raw, offering significantly more healthy properties than beans roasted or treated using the Dutch alkalising process.


100% Ceremonial Raw Cacao Pasta from Peru.


You can crumble the cacao paste and consume, add it to food or melt it (Cacao paste melts best au bain-marie or at a very low temperature in a pan, to prevent it from burning)

Use Ceremonially

1. Preparing the Ceremonial Room: Make sure the room in which the ceremony is taking place is clean, quiet, and free of disturbing elements. You can also purify the space with smoke from white sage or palo santo.

2. Intentions Setting: Before using the cocoa paste, take a moment to contemplate and formulate your intentions for the ceremony. These may include personal healing, spiritual growth, or seeking answers to life's questions.

3. Preparation of the Cocoa Drink:

  • Start by gently heating water or a vegetable milk in a pan. Then add the cocoa paste. The amount depends on the desired strength and dosage per person.
  • Stir the cocoa paste into the hot water or vegetable milk until it is completely dissolved. Add natural sweeteners (such as honey or maple syrup) and spices (such as chilli, cinnamon, or vanilla) to taste.

Recommended Dosage

The dose for ceremonial use varies depending on personal tolerance, experience with cocoa, and the desired intensity of the experience. A general guideline for ceremonial dosage of 100% cocoa paste is as follows:

  • Beginners: 20-25 grams
  • Average: 25-40 grams
  • Experienced: 40-50 grams

Cocoa ceremonies offer a powerful way to connect with your inner self and the spiritual world. By using cocoa paste respectfully and with clear intentions, you can create a deep and meaningful experience.


Raw Cacao paste - 200 or 1000 grams

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