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Brands - Vision Seeds

Medical 49 CBD+ (Vision Seeds) - 3 Seeds
Vision Kush Auto (Vision Seeds)
Vision Jack Auto (Vision Seeds)  Feminized
Vision Gorilla Auto (Vision Seeds)
Vision Gelato Auto (Vision Seeds)
Delhi Cheese AUTO (Vision Seeds)
Vision Critical Auto (Vision Seeds) Feminized
White Widow (Vision Seeds)
Vision Caramello Auto (Vision Seeds)
Super Skunk Auto (Vision Seeds)
Northern Lights Auto (Vision Seeds)
Lowryder Auto (Vision Seeds)
La Blanca Gold Auto (Vision Seeds)
Doctor Jamaica Auto (Vision Seeds)
Blueberry Bliss AUTO (Vision Seeds)
Amnesia Auto (Vision Seeds)
AK-49 Auto (Vision Seeds)
Wedding Cake x Triple OG (Vision Seeds) Feminized
Vision Kosher (Vision Seeds)  Feminized
White Widow Auto (Vision Seeds)
Vision Gorilla (Vision Seeds)  Feminized
Vision Cookies (Vision Seeds) Feminized
Tom Kush OG (Vision Seeds) Feminized
Supreme Lemon (Vision Seeds)  Feminized
Super Skunk (Vision Seeds)
Silver Haze (Vision Seeds)
Russian Snow (Vision Seeds)
Pure Gelato (Vision Seeds) feminized
NY Diesel (Vision Seeds)
Northern Lights (Vision Seeds)
Nicole x OG (Vision Seeds) feminized
Mighty Mango Bud (Vision Seeds) feminized
Lamb's Breath x AK-49 (Vision Seeds) feminized
La Blanca Gold (Vision Seeds)
Jack Herer (Vision Seeds)
Doctor Jamaica (Vision Seeds) feminized
Dark Star x AK-49 (Vision Seeds) feminized
Crystal Queen (Vision Seeds)
Critical Impact (Vision Seeds)
Choco Bud ( Vision Seeds )
Cheese (Vision Seeds)
Caramel Monster (Vision Seeds)
Brainkiller Haze (Vision Seeds) feminized
Bona Dea CBD+ (Vision Seeds)
Blue Power (Vision Seeds)
Big Bud (Vision Seeds)
Amnesia x Buddha Kush (Vision Seeds)
Amnesia (Vision Seeds)
AK-49 (Vision Seeds)

Vision Seeds not a pioneer but high quality cannabis-seeds!

Vision-Seeds hasn't been around as long as other seed banks, but this doesn't mean they don't have a knack for growing cannabis-seeds. Since 1995, Vision Seeds has been selling cannabis seeds all over the world. With no less than 27 years of experience, Vision Seeds also ranks among the top seed banks in the Netherlands. Vision Seeds offers just like other cannabis-seed brands seeds in packs of 3, 5 to 10 seeds. Vision Seeds is a fast-growing company, expanding by the day. The prices of Vision Seeds cannabis-seeds are very competitive! A great product at an even better price!

Vision Seeds offers Autoflower, Feminised and CBD cannabis-seeds!

Vision-Seeds sells 3 different cannabis seeds such as the autoflower; these are seeds that flower automatically after +/- 2 to 3 weeks, the feminised seeds; are female cannabis seeds with a percentage of 99.9%, CBD cannabis seeds have a higher content of CBD than feminized or autoflower seeds.

Which Autoflower Vision Seeds cannabis-seeds are easy to grow?

The easiest way to grow cannabis is with an autoflower seed. Only you will never be able to grow a large plant with an autoflower seed because it will soon automatically stop growing and switch to the flowering process. Well, We will highlight below two autoflower cannabis seeds from Vision Seed that we know our guests love to grow.

Lowryder Autoflower cannabis-seeds

The Vision-Seeds Lowryder cannabis plant lives up to its name. A low plant with a fast life cycle of about 8 weeks. Lowryder is a direct descendant of William's Wonder and Northern Lights 2. This unique cross has been around for 25 years and is eagerly purchased at Vision Seeds both at our webshop. The reason the Lowryder is quick to finish from germination to harvest has to do with its very short growth phase. Because this plant is an autoflower, it will quickly flower. The Lowryder Vision Seeds is tasty weed with a pure cannabis flavour and is Indica dominant.

BlueBerry Bliss Autoflower cannabis-seeds

BlueBerry Vision-Seeds cannabis seeds is a cross of BlueBerry x WW x Super Skunk x Ruderalis. These unique genetics make this plant flower beautiful purple buds. A real feast for the eyes with a delicious flavour! This cannabis plant is easy to grow and has a flowering time of 56 days. It is an Indica-dominant plant with an uplifting high! Don't expect a couch-lock from a Sativa plant. If you do want to get stoned, pick a Sativa plant!

What are the strongest Feminized Vision Seeds cannabis-seeds we sell?

By a strong weed, we mean Sativa plant with a percentage of THC higher than 20%. You also have Indica plants that have a high THC content, only these are often exceptions to the rule. Sativa plants are known for powerful high also described as couch-lock high. The best-known Sativa plants that are strong is, for example, an Amnesia Haze. The Amnesia haze is as offered by many other brands of cannabis seed banks. RQS or, for example, Greenhouse Seeds also definitely sell Amnesia Haze cannabis plants. Since most cannabis growers and users already know this weed, we decided to select two other feminized cannabis-seeds with a high THC content.

Pure Gelato Feminized cannabis-seeds

Super strong Sativa plant with an extremely high THC content! The Pure Gelato has a THC content of a whopping 25%! Don't throw too much cannabis in your joint or you won't be able to function all day! The Pure Gelato is not only very strong in its high but is characterized by compact buds with bright orange hairs and a white THC crystal. A cross between Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mints GSC, Pure Gelato has a fruity earthy flavour.

Nicole x OG Feminized cannabis-seeds

The beautiful Nicole x OG cannabis plant from Vision Seeds contains a high THC content and is not a Sativa but an Indica! It is also for this reason (Indica plant) that we have chosen this one to explain. The THC content is 22% which is very high for an Indica cannabis plant. This Kush plant has a flowering time of up to 60 days and gives high yields. In terms of flavour, it is very similar to forest fruits and pine. The effect is a very relaxing high!