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Brands - Dutch Passion


Dutch Passion cannabis seeds of the highest quality

Dutch passion is a pioneer in the world when it comes to one of the oldest cannabis seed banks. The passion for cannabis can be tasted in every puff you take of Dutch Passion cannabis. Back in the 1970s, they had already started crossing different weeds. It was only in 1987 after almost 2 decades of experience that the first Dutch Passion seed bank was established. The millions of cannabis seeds sold show that Dutch Passion is in great demand among marijuana enthusiasts. Dutch Passion has received staggering numbers of cannabis cup awards for their exclusive weed seeds! Many of the new and emerging seed banks cross their own strains with original genetics from Dutch Passion.

How to germinate Dutch Passion cannabis seeds?

You germinate a Dutch Passion marijuana seed the same as any other brands marihuana seed. The best method remains the wet coffee filter or kitchen roll method. Dutch Passion guarantees highest quality and reliability of their product. By guaranteeing this quality, the cannabis seeds will also germinate more easily than other strains. Don't know how to germinate a marijuana seed? See our blogs, here we have lots of info regarding growing and germinating cannabis plants and seeds.

Which Dutch Passion cannabis seeds are easy to grow?

Of course, a marijuana plant will grow easily, but there are certain strains where this is just a bit more sensitive. We have therefore selected cannabis seeds below which are easy to grow even for a novice grower.

Glueberry O.G.

This is one of those weed plants that is easy to grow. This marijuana variety is strong and can take a lot. It can handle multiple climates, making outdoor growing a lot more attractive. Glueberry managed to take second and third prizes at the Indica, Homegrown Cup Netherlands 2017 and 2018. This plant can grow as long as 175 cm and is ready for harvest in 56 days. Good air circulation is important to reduce the risk of bud rot caused by too humid an environment.

CBD Kush Feminised

This delightful and also easy-to-grow plant contains no less than a 1 to 1 ratio of THC and CBD. The THC at 8% and CBD at 7% makes this weed very suitable as medical cannabis. The genetics of this marijuana plant is Kandy Kush x CBD dominant train. Don't think you won't get high from this weed because of its low THC percentage. It is the 1:1 ratio that increases the stonedness or high. So this weed too can get you well high.

Buy Dutch Passion and other Cannabis Seeds from 24High

In addition to the Dutch Passion, we also sell many other cannabis brands such as: Barney's Farm Seeds or Sensi Seeds. Our cannabis seeds have a high germination rate. Some marijuana strains are more suitable for indoor growing than outdoor. Not sure which strains you can grow indoors or outdoors, or have other questions? We are ready to answer all your questions. When the order is made and paid, we will e-mail you a track and trace, so you can follow the seeds to your front door.