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Brands - Barney's Farm


Barney's Farm is very well known in Amsterdam!

Are you a cannabis grower? Then you must surely know Barney's Farm. If you are not, a whole new world will open up for you. Barney's Farm has won numerous awards/cannabis cups in the field of growing and creating the perfect cannabis plant. The team of Barney's Farm is expert and knows exactly what the consumer wants. Also, when you visit the coffeeshop Barney's Farm in Amsterdam, you will immediately notice the knowledge of the staff. Barney's Farm takes growing cannabis plants to the NEXT LEVEL!

How did Barney's Farm originate?

It all started on the Himalayan mountain range at the end of the eighties. A group of passionate cannabis growers had decided to get together to experiment with the genetics of different types of cannabis plants. For three years, the group crossed plants with astonishing results. Derry was one of the group members who returned to Amsterdam after this experiment with new strains of crossbred cannabis seeds. Before long, Barney's Farm was established. Barney's Farm has become popular because of its variety of strains that are very popular among cannabis consumers.

Which cannabis seeds Barney's Farm do we sell?

We sell nine different cannabis seeds of the brand Barney's Farm. Above you can see them. Yet, we want to highlight some because we think they are of added value for real lovers of marijuana.

Sativa Cookies Kush Barney's Farm cannabis seeds

What makes the Sativa Cookies Kush so exceptional? The answer is balance in flavor and strength high! With a whopping 22% THC and a delicious minty-chocolate flavor, your taste buds will be pampered while you're stoned to the max after taking a hit. The Cookies Kush will give you as much as 650 g/m² of weed.

Indica Critical Kush Barney's Farm cannabis seeds

This Indica cannabis plant is a real treat for Indica lovers. Despite 15% THC, you get really high with this cannabis strain. The nice thing about Indica is that you are or stay more active. You won't really experience a couch-lock with an Indica. The taste and smell of the Critical Kush is citrus and pine. This plant gives big fat buds!

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?

You have the Sativa and the Indica type of cannabis plant. The Sativa will often get you stoned. All cannabis seed brands sell Indica as well as Sativa dominant seeds. The Indica often contains more CBD and less THC. This means that the Indica is often used as a medical marijuana plant. CBD can help with inflammation and pain relief. Besides the fact that the high between these two plants differ, they also have a different appearance. The Indica is characterized by short dark green leaves with broad fingers and is therefore different from the Sativa. The Sativa has longer leaves, lighter in color with narrow long fingers.

Buy cannabis seeds online!

We offer no less than nine brands of cannabis seeds. We have deliberately chosen for these brands because of their exclusivity in genetics. Brands like Amsterdam Genetics, Barney's Farm, Dutch Passion, Green House Seeds, Humboldt Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds and Vision Seeds are flourishing in the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene! Do you have questions about any of these brands or seeds they produce? Feel free to contact us at Together we will come to a choice that suits you best.