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Brands - Amsterdam Genetics


Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds

Amsterdam Genetic offers top cannabis seeds from classic genetics. Amsterdam Genetics was founded in 1985 in the epicenter of the then cannabis capital of the world, Amsterdam. Amsterdam Genetics are masters and are passionate about crossing cannabis varieties. They use the most modern genetics and cross-breed them with classic top weed strains! These weed seeds are of high quality and germinate easily!

Which cannabis seeds do we offer from Amsterdam Genetics?

We offer no less than nine cannabis seeds from Amsterdam Genetics. We have selected these seeds especially for our assortment, because they are popular smoked weed varieties of Amsterdam. The coffee shops and other brands of seed banks also offer these varieties. We will list them all below and highlight a few.

  • AK 020 Autoflower (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • Strawberry Glue (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • Pineapple Kush (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • Lemon Ice (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • Choco Kush Autoflower (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • Amnesia Haze (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • AK-OG Kush (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • AK Choco Kush (Amsterdam-Genetics)
  • AK 020 (Amsterdam Genetics)

Amnesia Haze smokin' hot with an average THC of 25%.

Amsterdam Genetics Amnesia Haze is a beautiful plant with a very strong high! Of course, a Green House Seeds or Vision Seeds also offers Amnesia seedsThe genetics of this plant are a cross between Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica. This Sativa has a slight citrus flavor. The plant needs 10 to 12 weeks to develop big buds!

AK-OG Kush Indica dominant the perfect cannabis cross

Amsterdam Genetics has a gem on its hands with this cross! Amazingly heavy cannabis buds flooded with white THC crystal. With 500 grams per plant, you can smoke enough weed for now. The genetics of this weed plant are AK-.47 x OG Kush and beav around 22%. The high feels narcotic.

AK 020 50% Sativa / 50% Indica is the weed plant for a relaxed high!

This cannabis seed with the genetics Colombian x Mexican x Afghan is a weed that doesn't give you couchlock, but a relaxed high. The unique composition of Indica and Sativa has the perfect and balanced ratio. If you are looking for a weed that tastes a bit sweet and does not give you a crazy high (THC 20%) then this plant with its 450 grams yield per person is the right choice!

Choco Kush Amsterdam-Genetics Autoflower 7,5 weeks to harvest!

The Choco Kush cannabis plant autoflower. Will self-bloom after about 2 weeks and has a short flowering time of 63 days in total. These weed seeds do very well indoors and a little less well outdoors. With a THC value of 21% this plant gives a good high! The CBD content is also very high in this plant. The Choco Kush is also used for this reason as a medicinal weed.

Buy Amsterdam Genetics Seeds online?

We sell many other brands of cannabis seeds. Do you have questions about how to germinate a weed seed? We have blogs with this information, and of course you can always contact us with these or other questions about our products. Once ordered, we'll send the seeds with a track and trace.