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Brands - Green House


Green House trendsetter in cannabis cultivation

Green House is well known not only to cannabis growers, but also certainly to coffee shop visitors. Green House was there in the beginning of the cannabis seed bank industry. Grow top-notch cannabis that is neither genetically modified nor fungicide-treated. These top Green House growers have travelled around the world in search of cannabis plants with unique and distinct genetics. The Green House Seed Company is among the most successful cannabis company in the world. With no less than: 40 High Times Cannabis Cups and 17 Highlife Cups and many other awards, there is no doubt that Green House is the Emperor in cannabis seed cultivation.

Strain Hunters Seed Bank is a Green House flagship product!

Green House's Strainhunters is an amazing team of experts, in the field of marijuana cultivation, who fly all over the world in search of the best climate, soil, and genetics for existing or undiscovered cannabis plants. The Strainhunters distinguishes this from the other cannabis brands. Let's review some of these unique cannabis seeds from the Strainhunters fleetingly:

White Lemon (Green House Strain Hunters Seed Bank) Sativa dominant

This Super White Lemon Haze produces white big buds with a citrus smell and taste. If you are looking for big yields per marijuana plant, look no further and buy the Green House Strain Hunters White Lemon Haze! With a whopping 900 grams per square meter, you can talk about a fantastic yield per plant. It takes 60 days from cutting to plant ready for harvest. An incredibly strong plant and high! The White Lemon Haze contains a whopping 26.33% THC and has won first prize 5 times at many different cannabis cups.

Damnesia (Green House Strain Hunters Seed Bank) Sativa dominant

No not Amnesia but Damnesia! Dammmm what a good weed! The Damnesia has a THC percentage of 22.5%, making it one of the strong cannabis strains. The Damnesia is a mix of Sativa (60%) and Indica (40%) with the genetics of A.M.S. x Amnesia Haze. This weed has a somewhat fruity, woody flavor. The Damnesia is will trigger your eating kick like no other weed. On top of that, this weed has good properties to be used against pains.

Big Tooth (Green House Strain Hunters Seed Bank) Indica dominant

The Big Tooth is a strong plant that can take a beating. These characteristics make this plant have good resistance to pests, fungus and cold temperatures. The indica Big Tooth is known for its smiley high. These unique effects make this plant or cannabis suitable as an antidepressant.

Buy Green House Strain Hunters Seed and other cannabis seeds at 24High

In addition to the Dutch Passion, we also sell many other cannabis brands such as: Barney's Farm Seeds or Sensi Seeds. We also have some growing supplies that make cultivating the marijuana plant easy. You will anyway need to buy an EC and a PH meter to determine the dosage of the nutrient and the acidity of the water. If you have any questions, ask! You can reach us via email, we will answer your email within 48 hours. You can also call us, see customer service contact.