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Brands - Sensi Seeds


Sensi Seeds largest cannabis seed bank in the world?

Sensi Seeds was at the beginning of the cannabis seeds industry and has unfolded into a top global player! They themselves claim to be the world's largest cannabis seed bank and honestly, we don't contradict this and this is confirmed with no less than 51 cup-winning cannabis plants. Sensi Seeds is incredibly renowned for their top-quality cannabis seeds. This is mainly due to their high germination rate per cannabis seed! It is also Sensi Seeds who were the first in the world to open a cannabis museum. This happened in the 1980s. Its range consists of more than 500 different cannabis seeds. Its professional approach to growing cannabis seeds also led the Dutch government to set up a partnership to develop medicinal cannabis to be sold in pharmacies.

Innovation Sensi Seeds launches HempFlax

In addition to its empire seed bank, Sensi Seeds has also set up a subsidiary, Hempflax. This company's goal is hemp! Hemp does not have the same function as cannabis. Cannabis is used for smoking, hemp is used particularly for CBD extraction, textiles, food, and the beauty industry. Hemp or hemp products are incredibly durable because of the strong fibres these plants have. Hempflax, like Sensi Seeds, is a successful company!

Cup winners home-grown cannabis seeds

That Sensi Seeds is one of the top cannabis seed banks in the world is clear when you watch them bathe in awards from many different cannabis cups. Sensi Seeds is one of the largest cannabis seed bank in the world! We will highlight some number one cannabis cup winners below that we think are worth growing.

Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk Feminised cannabis seeds

The Shiva Skunk is the strongest skunk strain offered by Sensi Seeds. This is because its genetics consist of two cannabis plants, namely the - Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1. This unique plant has not only won 1st prize, but gives high yields in a short flowering time. This makes this plant highly sought after by growers who want to achieve multiple harvests per year.

Early Skunk Feminised cannabis seeds

The Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk is a delicious weed that is great to grow both outdoors and indoors. The strain is incredibly strong, making it possible to grow in cold climates as well. The plant has a short flowering period and gives huge yields. The Shiva Skunk won the 1st prize as cup winner because of the explanation above and its delicious taste. Early Skunk's genetics are 65% Indica and 35% Sativa.

Who founded Sensi Seeds?

The founder of Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds is Ben Dronkers and it all started with an idea to buy and resell hemp clothes. Upon arriving in the countries where they were already growing hemp for clothing and textiles, he got in touch with the farmers and told his story. Soon he was given hands full of seeds with the message that these seeds were very important. After several trips and receiving several seeds, Ben Dronkers decided to save them. His curiosity began to grow about origins and properties of each seed. It is his curiosity that eventually made him a cannabis seeds.