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Spore Vial


Mondo Psilocybe Magic Mushroom Spore Vials

Mondo's concentrated spore vials contain no fewer than several million spores, dissolved in 10 ml sterile water. The company Mondo, based in Amsterdam, are pioneers in the development of high quality spore bottles, spore syringes and grow kits. After many years of collaboration with mycologists and experienced psilocybe mushroom cultivators, Mondo has managed to bottle millions of high quality psilocybe mushroom spores. These spore bottles are manufactured by experts in a magic mushroom laboratory and are so concentrated that we recommend mixing them with a Liquid Culture (nutrient medium). Mixing them with Mondo's liquid culture medium (LC) gives the spores a greater chance of germinating and developing into a strong mycelium. Using a Liquid Culture increases the chance of psilocybe mushroom production. Mondo Spore vials are often used by mycologists and experienced mushroom growers. Moreover, Mondo also has a spore vial for growing psychedelic truffles.

What's does a Mondo Spore Vials contain

A Mondo Spore Vial contains millions of mushroom spores. But what exactly are traces? A magic mushroom is the fruit of a mycelium. The psilocybe mushroom emerges when the climate is favorable. When the magic mushroom is fully grown, it will open its magic hats and, usually black in color, drop its spores on the mycelium to accomplish reproduction. The spores are fertilized by the nutrient medium and the mycelium. Mushroom spores are just like seeds of plants.


Different types and strengths of Psilocybe Mushroom Mondo Spore Vials

Mondo spore vial Panaeolus Cyanescens (Copelandia) Jamaican:

  • Extremely strong, the Cyanescens is many times stronger than the Cubensis species and is one of the most potent psilocybin mushrooms on earth.

McSmart Spore vial Golden Teacher:

  • Strong psilocybe Cubensis strain with strong visual effects.

Mondo Spore vial PES Amazonian:

  • Mild to strong, a real happy mushroom with light visual effects.

Mondo Spore vial Truffles Sclerotia Georgia (Atlantis):

  • Light to mild, suitable for beginners mild visual and light philosophical effects

When should I choose a Mondo Psilocybe Spore Vial or a Spore Syringe?

If you are not yet experienced enough with cultivating magic mushrooms, we advise you to opt for the ready-made spore syringe Mondo's solution. These spores are simple and ready to use. A Mondo spore vial is too concentrated to drop directly onto the substrate causing it to using a Liquid Culture is recommended. These kinds of actions do not really make the spore vial ready for use. Therefore, these are more suitable for an experienced mushroom grower. If you know what you are doing, we recommend choosing a spore vial with a liquid culture medium.This combination reduces the concentration of spores per drop of dose and accelerates the germination process of the spores.This means that you can really grow kilos of psilocybe mushrooms with one spore bottle.

Why use a Liquid Culture with a Mondo Psilocybe Spore Vial?

It is best to use the traces of Mondo must first be mixed with a Liquid Culture. A spore vial from Mondo is super concentrated and soon you "overdose" it subsstreet. By mixing the Mondo spores with this liquid you can weaken the concentration so that you can distribute the spores better over the substrate and thus optimize colonization. You can also drop the spores from the Mondo spore vial directly onto the substrate, only the chance is smaller that the mushroom spores will germinate, and then you also have the problem that the mycelium dosing point (where you drop the drop) is overdosed. 

Medium Spores shrooms

A great harvest with a Mondo Spore Vial

To colonize 1 liter or 1000cc of substrate only 3 ml of spore solution is needed. If you mix the spore vial with a Liquid Culture, you will need less to colonize the same content of substrate. By using a Liquid Culture, there is a greater chance that more spores will germinate, which means that fewer spores are needed to achieve the same results. This makes it possible to use multiple psychedelic magic mushroom harvesting from one spore vial using a liquid culture medium.

Cultivation requirements and yield harvest Mondo Mushroom Spore Vial

You want to work cleanly during the entire cultivation process. Any bacteria can infect your entire mushroom crop. You don't want this! That is why we always recommend the correct grow supplies before you start growing spores. The yield of the psilocybe magic mushroom spore syringe can amount to kilos of fresh magic mushrooms. If you dry these enormous quantities, you can store a stock for a whole year with one Mondo Spore bottle! Thirty grams of fresh magic mushrooms is a strong trip dose for one person. You can get 33 strong tripping doses from 1 kilo. These numbers are one of the reasons why cultivating psilocybe mushrooms with a spore vial is becoming a trend.

How do I store a Mondo Psilocybe Mushroom Spore Vial?

The Mondo Magic Mushroom psilocybe spore vial can be stored after receipt from us and at a temperature of 2°C - 8°C and in a dark place keep unopened for two years. You can also keep the injection needle and use it several times. It is essential that you sterilize the needle itself and the surface on the spore vial where you insert it before each use. The needle can simply be heated with fire until the needle turns bright orange. Of course, let the needle cool down before using it. Of course, the needle can also be replaced by a new one. The surface can be wiped clean with an alcohol cloth.
sporevial magic truffle

Culturing Sclerotia (truffle) with mushroom Spore Vial for microdosing

We also offer spores to grow truffles for a great trip or for microdosing. You can grow these yourself, but you can also buy them ready-made from us. Psilocybin can help with many terrible ailments such as major depression. Many studies indicate that microdosing psilocybin truffles can effectively help with this.

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Buying a mushroom spore vial at Mushroomshop is quick and easy! When the payment will be received before 4 pm, it will be shipped the same day. The package will be packed with care. When it is ready for shipment, we will send an email with the track and trace and the invoice. Do you have questions about mushroom spores? Feel free to contact us ( and we will try to help you as best we can. Buy your mushroom tracks at 24High if you go for quality!