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Drugs stimulate your brain and have an effect on your body and mind. The effects can be stimulating or, on the contrary, anaesthetic. They change your behaviour, feeling, thinking, and mood. That is precisely why drugs are used by people: to become relaxed or hyper. Drugs can give you a lot of pleasure, but they can also carry risks. And believe us, you would like to reduce these risks by having your drugs tested before use.

Why have drugs tested?

You cannot see what the composition or strength of a drug is on the outside. By testing your drugs, you know what's in your drugs and how strong your drugs are. This increases the chance of safe drug use. You prevent the intake of life-threatening substances, and you reduce the chance of a bad trip. And such a bad trip can keep you bothered for days. It is therefore very important to have your drugs tested before use and to prevent an attack on your health. In addition to testing drugs, you can also take a list of dangerous pills. This list provides a good and up-to-date overview of dangerous pills, but is by definition not complete.

Which drugs can you have tested?

You can have almost all drugs tested. Think of XTC, cocaine, heroin, speed, ketamine and LSD. There are some types of drugs that you cannot get tested. It concerns the following substances:

  • magic mushrooms
  • medicines
  • hash and weed
  • anabolics
  • alcohol
  • smartshop products
  • raw materials for drugs

Which drugs are safe without testing?

Almost all drugs should be tested for safe use. Only psychedelic drugs are safe without testing. Think of Kanna, Kratom, magical truffles and magic mushrooms. These drugs consist of natural substances, are not synthetic and therefore pure in nature. Due to the purity of psychedelic drugs, it is much safer to use and there is no need to test the drugs. The effect of psychedelic drugs also comes close to 'street drugs'. Reason enough to take a look at our herbs or seeds.

Where can I have drugs tested?

There are several drug collection points in the Netherlands. Often there are also walk-in consultations at these points where pills are tested on the spot. View here the test locations in the Netherlands and see if there is one in your area. You often receive the results of the drug test within one to two weeks.

Would you like to know more quickly whether the quality of your drugs is reliable? Then use our drug tests. These will be delivered to your home anonymously and quickly. This way no one knows what kind of drugs you have ordered and you know in no time whether your drugs are safe.

How does having drugs tested work?

At a drug test at one of the collection points in the Netherlands, the external characteristics of the drugs are examined and an acid test is performed. Think of external characteristics such as thickness, color, logo and diameter. Based on these results, it is checked whether the drug is on the recognition list. This is a national system that contains the most reliable and current drugs. If your drugs are recognized in this system, you will immediately be told whether the drugs are reliable, which substances are in them and how much.

If the drugs are not recognized, there is still a second option. You can also send the drugs to the laboratory. Powders, capsules, liquids and the like are always immediately sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory, it is checked which substances are in the drugs and how much. You can often call for your results after a week. For some substances (GHB and LSD) this takes a little longer, and you can get the results after two weeks.

How can you test your drugs before use?

The drug tests that you can buy online to see if your drugs are safe, work quite simply. The drug tests contain a certain type of liquid that you just have to mix with the drugs. When you have mixed this together, you can tell by the color change of the liquid what kind of drugs you are dealing with. You can read what this color means on the drug test. And don't worry, you only need a small amount of your drugs to test. You still have enough left over to use yourself.

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