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LSD-QTest - Drug test for LSD (Miraculix)

LSD-QTest - Drug test for LSD (Miraculix)
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"Will it be a trip or is it a trap?" With the easy-to-use test for LSD-25, you can quickly and easily determine whether a particular seal liquid or tab actually contains LSD and also estimate its potency! No more need to go to a lab for an expensive test, as you can now do it on the go or just at home at an affordable price. This test is suitable for measuring LSD concentrations ranging from 20 to 260 µg. Moreover, these test kits are scientifically validated. This means that LSD-QTest results are as reliable as laboratory results.

LSD-QTest for determining LSD content in seals and liquids:

  • Mobile rapid test.

  • Rapid evaluation after 10 minutes.
  • Detection range between 20 - 260 µg.
  • Assessment of test kits by naked eye and rating scale.
  • The LSD QTest for concentration determination is for single use.

Steps for the LSD QTest:


Cut the seal in half and add it to the extraction solution.


Place the dropper bottle with detection solution in the extraction vessel.


Allow the colour complex to develop and evaluate with the evaluation scale.


  • Protective gloves
  • Plastic jar with green lid and detection solution
  • Glass vessel with screw cap (extraction vessel)
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