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Mystic Hash

Mystic Hash
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This Herbal Hash gives you a stoned or high feeling. Ideal for those who want to get stoned or high but do not want to run the risk of becoming mentally addicted to, such as with: marijuana. The balanced herbs give you a wonderful feeling of relaxation and have a calming effect. This hash can be used in several ways. For example, you can crumble and smoke this hash in a water pipe or you can roll a joint with it. You can also make tea with it, although this has no positive effect on the effect in the sense that the boiled hot water reduces the powerful effect.


Stimulating herbal mix with Kratom and Salvia as the main ingredient. The Salvia used for this mix is ​​the mildest variety, so you won't hallucinate or experience other extreme psychedelic effects.


  • slightly stimulating
  • relaxing
  • soothing and calming


Mystic Hash can be used in 2 different ways: it can be smoked, and it can be used to make tea. If you choose to smoke, use 1 gram of Mystic Hash and crumble it in a joint or vaporizer. You could heat the hash slightly so that you can crumble it more easily. If you still want to make tea, dissolve about 1 to 1.5 grams of the Mystic Hash mix in a cup of tea. The effects will be much milder than when smoked by this method of ingestion.


3 - grams of herbal mix Mystic Hash.


Do not combine with MAO inhibitors, alcohol or other drugs. Do not drive after ingestion.

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