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In this blog, we'll tell you everything you should know about grinders. First let's start with a simple explanation, most of you know what a grinder is but some probably don't (yet). In addition, it is always important to keep a grinder clean so that it lasts longer and remains smoother. Of course it is also better hygiene to keep your grinder clean. More on this further in this blog. Do you want to buy a grinder? These can be found here: grinders

First what is a grinder?

A grinder is a crusher, cruncher, crumbler or more simply a (weed) grinder that grinds your Cannabis (buds) into finer crumbs, granules or powder. Grinders come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors and materials, and with or without (multiple) filters. We will discuss as many as possible in this blog. There are also (emergency) alternatives to a grinder, but nothing beats having a good weed crumbler.

Emergency solutions

We quickly discuss emergency solutions for those who, for whatever reason, do not have a grinder within reach. The most obvious solution in this case is to crumble the herb Cannabis with your fingertips. However, this can become very sticky and you lose some THC that sticks to your fingers. Hygiene also plays a role for some, especially when a joint is going to be shared. The next solution is a bit better, use scissors to cut your buds and make small pieces of it, of course this can also be done with a sharp knife, a cutting board and some precision. However, many people have a pestle and mortar in their kitchen, which you can also use to grind all kinds of herbs, including cannabis. Of course, the grinder remains the most efficient solution, but necessity breaks the law, they say. Fortunately, we offer grinders and grinder cards in every price category.

Creditcard Grinders

Another very good alternative to a grinder is a grinder card, which works like a grater for weed (buds) and with this you can easily grind dried cannabis. This is the best alternative to grinders and the advantage is that they even fit in your wallet, they are about the same size as a debit card, ID card, etc. Do you want one? Quick check here: credit card grinders
creditcard grinder

Different types of Grinders

As said before, there are a huge number of different Grinders in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials, and with or without (multiple) filters. We will discuss them per material and the pros and cons of them so that you can decide for yourself which grinder suits you.

Plastic grinders

We start with the simplest and often cheapest grinders. The advantage of these grinders is therefore clearly the purchase price. However, there are also disadvantages to these grinders, the biggest of which is that they are made of plastic and are difficult to clean. They are often less robust than the other alternative grinders. Another big advantage, on the other hand, is that they are very lightweight and often a bit more compact. Unfortunately, most plastic grinders do not have a THC filter(s) or usually do not consist of multiple "layers". However, this benefits the ease of use. Plastic grinders can last for months to years. In short, if you want an easy and especially affordable grinder, then you go for a plastic/acryl grinder from

Wooden Grinders

We come to the following, wooden grinders are often less known but are certainly a good alternative to plastic grinders for the following reasons: they often look nicer and better worked, it has a 'more classic look' and usually have they do have a THC filter. A THC filter or '' sieve '' catches the THC from your Cannabis and it falls through the gauze (s) so that you can store the THC powder and later referred to as 'kief' or also '(star) dust' to smoke. However, wooden grinders are a bit more difficult to clean, just like plastic grinders. You do have the advantage that they are made entirely of natural products and usually do not contain any chemicals. They are often also slightly more expensive to purchase. Wooden grinders usually have pins instead of teeth. Wooden grinders can often be used a little longer than plastic grinders before they need to be replaced or cleaned. It is therefore entirely up to the user whether he chooses a wooden grinder.

grinder cannabis

Metal Grinders

Besides plastic grinders, this is probably the most chosen material for grinders. Often aluminum is used, some are made of steel or titanium. It is certainly right that these metal grinders are one of the most popular grinders. They have many advantages and only a few minor drawbacks. Yes, they are often slightly more expensive than plastic grinders, but usually cheaper or just as expensive as the wooden alternative. It is certainly a better alternative than the plastic grinder, even though they are of course very slightly heavier in weight. They are the easiest to clean of all grinders and in many cases contain one or even more THC filters. So that you can enjoy your THC powder. These grinders are also robust and can certainly take a beating and often they also last the longest. There are even metal grinders with lever for those who cannot or do not want to make the rotational movement of a classic grinder.

Stone Grinders

One of the lesser known but unique options is a stone grinder. Stone grinders look very nice, so you often buy them because of their appearance, however, they are certainly nothing less efficient than a wooden or metal grinder. Like the wooden grinder, most stone grinders have pins instead of teeth as is the case with the metal or plastic grinders. In short, a stone grinder is a good and beautiful alternative to a wooden or metal grinder. Keep in mind that these are often more fragile.

Electric Grinders

We come to the least known solution to grind your herb, namely the electric grinders, there are not many of them and you don't see them often. The big advantage with these electric grinders is especially for medicinal patients who, for whatever reason, cannot grind their herb. Some people, especially among Cannabis patients, are unable to make the rotational movements of a "regular" "grinder. This is a good alternative for these people and for those who prefer not to make hand turns. However, they are more difficult to obtain and often do not last as long. An exception to this is the unique Otto Elec. Grinder Banana Bros. This grinder lasts a very long time and is of high quality and even fills a joint automaticly.

Otto electric grinder

Special Grinders

Every grinder is special because it grinds the "magic herb" optimally for us, however there are grinders that are extra special or even more beautiful. Think of a real gold grinder, very expensive of course. There are also many cheaper special grinders, for example a Pokéball or a football or basketball, a square grinder, a die, a revolver, a (beer) can, oil barrels, hand grenades, the lipstick grinder, or a grinder with a built-in bluetooth speaker. really make everything. You often buy these grinders for appearance, but some can certainly be efficient.

Luxury SLX Grinder

Then we arrive at a grinder so special that I have to mention it separately. Of course I write these blogs based on personal experience and my knowledge. I am enthusiastic about all things Cannabis and have a large collection of cannabis stuff including all kinds of brands, types, sizes and materials grinders. Every grinder crumbles or grinds, some better than others, but the one that does this by far the best in my opinion is the SLX grinder. I am going to explain why this is so.The SLX grinder is an innovative non-sticky grinder, which means that the THC from your weed does not stick to it, so your grinder always remains flexible. This is due to the non-stick coating that has been applied to it.

It always grinds very smoothly, so it stays clean! This grinder is also 100% free of chemicals, which is certainly not unimportant. It contains 57 teeth, consists of 4 parts, a strong good magnet and a high quality THC filter. It has a nice look and an ergonomic shape which makes it a pleasure and convenience to use this grinder. This grinder is the most durable grinder you will find, thanks to the fact that it is made of sturdy aircraft aluminum (Aerospace-Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum), coated with a unique ceramic non-stick coating. The SLX grinders are one of the only grinders approved according to food and consumption standards. It also comes with a THC scoop for collecting your collected THC. In short, a Grinder like no other! Interested? Find it here: SLX grinder Gold, SLX grinder Black, SLX grinder Charcoal.

slx grinder

Cleaning Tips Grinders

Finally, I give you some tips to maintain your grinder and to keep it clean. Everyone knows the feeling of a non-slip grinder or a grinder that does not look clean, with these tips that is a thing of the past. The first simple tip to make a grinder smoother is a little natural oil eg olive orusing hemp oil or butter and smearing a little bit on the edges of the grinder put both parts together, turn a few times and then wipe off the excess natural oil or butter with the sticky layer with a ( kitchen) piece of paper. This method takes the least work and is very effective on all materials.

You could also clean plastic grinders by placing them in warm, but not very hot, water. If the water is too hot, the plastic melts or deforms. You can then add a drop of dishwashing liquid, let it stand for a while, then clean with a toothbrush and then wipe with a (tea) cloth or paper towel (s). Leave the parts of the grinder apart to dry. Wait until the grinder is completely dry before you use the grinder. The dishwasher is often not a solution, because with most plastic grinders it causes them to deform, just like water that is too hot, or makes (the glue from) the magnet loose.

The best method to clean your grinders is with special grinder cleaner put your grinder with the parts separate from each other in a sealable bag or container and make sure that all parts are well in the alcohol. Leave this for a while and then you can clean it further with a dishwashing or toothbrush.

Extra tip for metal grinders, put it in the freezer for half an hour before cleaning, then the THC or "adhesive layer" "will release more easily. Finally, there are also special products available for cleaning your grinder and other smoking accessories such as Bongs, Pipes and Waterpipes (Shishas). Bongs, Pipes and Waterpipes (Shishas) can of course all be found on our webshop: 24High Headshop