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Magic Truffle Grinder

Magic Truffle Grinder
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Magic Truffle Grinder

You can use this truffle grinder to finely grind the truffles into a paste to make it easier to consume. Put your magic truffles in the truffle grinder, put the lid on and turn the grinder around until your truffles have the desired size to consume. You can also mix the truffles through your custard or turn them into magic truffle tea.

Magic Truffle Grinder reduces the taste of magic Truffles

Many people cannot appreciate the taste of magic truffles and search for other ways to consume them to reduce the taste. With the magic truffle grinder you can grind the magic truffles. This means that fewer flavor molecules are released during eating. This is already happening in the magic truffle grinder during grinding. This way you can eat the magic truffles more easily and it will be absorbed into your bloodstream faster. After using the magic truffle grinder you have a kind of truffle butter that you can easily eat. You can also have a drink afterwards and you are ready for your spiritual journey.

Magic Truffles more effective after using the magic Truffle Grinder

Eating magic truffles can sometimes lead to fallow tendencies or even vomiting. This is of course a shame for your magic truffles. In addition to spitting, you keep fewer magic truffles in, your body also produces adrenaline in the case of vomiting tendencies. Adrenaline is created to protect yourself and so your body will also protect itself against the psychoactive substances from the magic truffles. Because of this psilocin will have less effect on you and that is a waste of your trip on magic truffles. With the magic truffle grinder you prevent this.

Advantages magic truffle grinder:

  • Faster effect of the magic truffles
  • Makes your trip more effective
  • Less trouble with a bad taste
  • No nausea or vomiting
  • Makes it easier to incorporate the magic truffles into dishes or drinks

Buy your magic Truffle Grinder here

Are you planning to enjoy magic truffles? Make the experience even more enjoyable by using the magic truffle grinder. You can buy the magic truffle grinder today in our online smart shop. After you have ordered the magic truffle grinder we will send it to you immediately.

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