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What is the herb KANNA?

What is the herb KANNA?

Almost everyone has fears. Yet there is a group of people who have lived for years without any form of fear. The secret behind this fearless existence? Kanna, also known as sceletium tortuosum. Kanna reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and can even help with depressive symptoms.

How did we discover kanna?

Sceletium tortuosum was discovered in South Africa by, among others, the Dutch, who affectionately referred to it as ‘chewable’. This happened because they came into contact with the Khoikhoi, also known as Khoi. The Khoikhoi population lived in South Africa and used kanna for thousands of years during their hunting trips. They went hunting for the largest animals in Africa and that, only armed with a spear, can evoke quite a lot of stress and fear. To counter those fears, the Khoikhoi chewed sceletium tortuosum.


Even after returning from hunting, this herb was widely used to combat feelings of anxiety and even depressive symptoms. This helped to process traumatic events that had occurred during the hunt. The Khoikhoi fought together with the Dutch during the VOC period against the Xhosa and fought in the Battle of Muizenberg. A 400-strong Hottentot battalion had been set up for that purpose. The name Hottentots comes from the dance of the Khoikhoi. According to the Dutch, they always sang ´hot, hot’ during this dance. The Hottentots battalion was able to fight fearlessly using sceletium tortuosum and it made an impression.

How do you use kanna?

Sceletium tortuosum (kanna) was used by the Khoikhoi as a chewing agent. The active substances were released by chewing the leaves. Today you can sceletium tortuosum use in multiple ways. For example, you can smoke, sniff or use sceletium tortuosum in your tea to drink. For example, opt for an e-liquid if you want to use sceletium tortuosum via your vaporizer, or think of Kanna Happy Honey if you prefer to take kanna with a tea. You can buy sceletium tortuosum in powder form, as part of a tea mix, but also as an extract. For example, you can easily place the powder form under your tongue to use it. This is also known as sublingual use. In that case, choose Kanna from Mystic Herbs.

Dosage sceletium tortuosum use

The different ways of using sceletium tortuosum also have an influence on the dosage that you should use. Sniffing sceletium tortuosum requires a different dose than placing kanna under the tongue, for example. That is why we have put together a list for you in terms of dosage for an average effect.

• snorting: 50 - 150 mg
• smoking: 100 - 250 mg
• Sublingual use: 200 - 400 mg
• Chew: 200 - 400 mg
• Kanna tea: 200 - 500 mg

kanna fear

What are the effects of kanna?

Sceletium tortuosum reduces tension, feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. However, this is not all that sceletium tortuosum does. Sceletium tortuosum also creates a euphoric mood. You will certainly notice the euphoric mood when you choose to sniff kanna. This can of course help people who are dealing with fear! When sniffing, choose the ET2 extract if you want to go for the best euphoric effect. When smoking sceletium tortuosum you notice a more stoned effect. There are also differences in effects with the extracts. For example, you choose the UC extract when you want to experience less stress. Handy, for example, when you give a presentation or have to act as a speaker.

All the effects of kanna in a row:

• Reducing Anxiety
• Stress Reduction
• Less stress
• Euphoric feelings
• Appetite suppression
• More sex drive
• Reduction of depressive symptoms
• Pain relief
• A positive effect on panic disorders
• Reduction of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

How to grow your own kanna?

Although kanna traditionally comes from South Africa, you can now grow sceletium tortuosum yourself. Just here in the Netherlands. For this, you buy kanna seeds. You can simply buy these in our online smartshop so that you can now grow your sceletium tortuosum independently.

Buy Kanna online

In the Netherlands, kanna is now increasingly available. In our online smartshop you will find a huge range of sceletium tortuosum products. Whether it's tea, powders, extracts or seeds to grow the kanna plant yourself, you will find it all in our online smartshop. We ensure fast shipping and always discreet delivery.