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Palo Santo - 8 sticks

Palo Santo - 8 sticks
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€ 5,50 (Incl.VAT)
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Palo santo - Yagra
€ 5,50
Palo santo - Vanilla
€ 5,50
Palo santo - Myrrh
€ 5,50


Palo Santo Yagra, literally translated as Sacred Wood, is a special and spiritual wood originating from Peru. The uniqueness of using Palo Santo lies in the traditional way it is collected. According to this tradition, only the branches that have fallen naturally and then lay on the ground next to or under the Palo Santo trees for about two years are used. This method ensures that the wood retains its rich aromatic oils and that its collection is sustainable and respectful compared to nature.

Palo Santo is traditionally used during ceremonies and for smudging - a ritual in which the smoke from the burning wood is used to clear a room or persons of negative energies. A great advantage of Palo Santo sticks is that, once lit, they continue to burn without the need for a constant supply of oxygen or heat. This makes them ideal for meditation, as you can fully concentrate on your meditative practice without being distracted by having to maintain the wood. The stick diffuses its sacred aroma and creates a serene, purified environment, contributing to a deeper and calmer meditation experience.


With us, you will find an exclusive selection of Palo Santo, enriched with natural essences to deepen and personalise your experience. We offer three unique fragrance variants: vanilla, myrrh, and yagra. Each variant combines the sacred and purifying properties of Palo Santo with the added depth and nuance of these carefully selected aromas.

  • Vanilla: This variant brings together the soft, warm and inviting scent of vanilla with the woody, soothing base of Palo Santo. The result is a comforting and reassuring fragrance, ideal for relaxation and a sense of well-being.

  • Myrrh: The addition of myrrh to Palo Santo creates a rich, spicy and slightly sweet fragrance. Known for its cleansing properties, this combination is traditionally used for meditation and spiritual practices, and promotes deep inner peace.

  • Yagra: Yagra, less known but equally intriguing, adds a unique and exotic aroma to Palo Santo. Formulated to stimulate the senses and uplift the spirit, this fragrance supports strength and renewed energy.


Palo Santo Yagra - 8 sticks of incense

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