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€ 7,50 (Incl.VAT)
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The Spongepot offers an easy way to germinate seeds with little chance of complications. Spongepots consist of different types of peat and coir, bonded by an organic glue, giving it a spongy feel. One of the great advantages of the Spongepot is that the seeds do not need to be touched more than is strictly necessary. This prevents stress and possible damage to the vulnerable taproot. In combination with the Propagator Pro 2, an optimal moisture climate is easily achieved. The Propagator Pro 2 is a perfect mini greenhouse for easy germination of all kinds of seeds! The Propagator Pro is equipped with a thermometer, a perlite bag and six built-in LED lights. Just add one more Spongepot and you have everything you need to get your seeds flying! & Nbsp;
  • 100% Organic
  • Fast Germination
  • Optimal moisture balance
  • Ideal in combination with soil
  • Bacto mix included


In combination with or without Propagator Pro 2


One tray offers 20 spongepots.


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