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Weedmasq Refill Original 250 ML.

Weedmasq Refill Original 250 ML.
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Aluminium bag with WeedMasq Fluid is good for hours of fresh smell .  WeedMasq neutralizes the weed smell immediately . You remove weed smell quickly .
Do not use WeedMasq continuously . It is better to spray briefly and wait until the fresh smell of WeedMasq has worn off and is no longer noticeable before using it again . Always use it in intervals.

WeedMasq does not absorb into the environment.
You can use WeedMasq in your car , living room , weed store , home grow room or any other place where the weed smell is a problem . WeedMasq is made only from natural products and contains no dangerous ingredients. However, the essential oils may be a little unpleasant for people who are sensitive to these types of products. 


Do not spray in your (or anyone's) face. Do not spray in the direction of (nearby) animals. Do not inhale directly, drink or use orally in any way. Do not spray in the direction of (nearby) electrical appliances, plugs or sockets. Never spill WeedMasq liquid on an electrical (heating) appliance.
WeedMasq is not designed for commercial use.


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