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Pot By Noids Herb Cooker

Pot By Noids Herb Cooker
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POT by NOIDS is a Dutch all-in-one device that allows you to easily make cannabis oil, cannabis butter, edibles and other cannabis products. All you have to do is plug in the device, add the ingredients and choose the desired programme. While you relax with a movie or a game, your cannabis oil will be prepared automatically. Thanks to the Smart Heating Algorithm, you don't have to worry about temperature issues, so your THC and CBD won't go to waste. POT by NOIDS is a clean, simple and plastic-free product that offers a hassle-free experience for anyone interested in cannabis preparation.

Is cannabis oil simple to make?

The POT by NOIDS greatly simplifies the process of preparing cannabis oil, edibles and other cannabis products. Traditional methods require careful temperature control and time measurement to convert the substances THCA and CBDA present in cannabis into their active forms, THC and CBD.With POT by NOIDS, this process is much more accessible. All you have to do is choose the right programme, and the device does the rest. There is no need to constantly monitor the temperature or fear that you will disrupt the process. The device is designed to create the ideal conditions for conversion, delivering a high-quality end product without the need for constant monitoring or complicated preparation methods. It is a user-friendly solution that significantly lowers the threshold for making cannabis products yourself.

You can use POT by NOIDS to make the following cannabis products:

  • THC-rich cannabis oil or cannabis butter
  • CBD-rich cannabis oil or cannabis butter
  • Decarboxylated THC cannabis or CBD cannabis
  • Weed ethanol extract (wax)

By simply choosing the right setting and letting the device do its work, even beginners in the kitchen can successfully produce high-quality cannabis oil, cannabis butter, wax, or decarboxylated cannabis. It is a complete, user-friendly solution that significantly facilitates access to homemade cannabis products.

Simple and easy to use

By briefly setting POT to the right setting. Exactly the right temperature and time duration are automatically calculated for you. And the temperature fluctuates within 1 degree Celsius. There is no oven that can do this! The result? Your THC and CBD never burn again!

Is the Pot by noids easy to clean?

Pot by noids makes oil or butter and has a special double filter for easy pouring into a small bottle. It makes sure you don't spill and cleaning is easy as you can just put the parts in the dishwasher.


  • POT by NOIDS
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Filter system (funnel + mesh)
  • Silicone lid
  • Pipette
  • Condenser

What temperatures does POT by NOIDS use?

  • CBD decarboxylation: 230° F / 110° C (120-180 minutes)
  • Regular decarboxylation: 239° F / 115° C (100-240 minutes)
  • CBD infusion: 212° F / 100° C (180-220 minutes)
  • Regular infusion: 212° F / 100° C (160-180 minutes)
  • Vaporising: 215° F / 100° C maximum

What is the pot by noids made of

The POT by NOIDS appears to be an impressive product that pays attention to quality and durability. All components are made from materials designed to be safe and durable, such as metal, food grade, silicone, medical stainless steel (SS) and laboratory glass. These materials indicate a high standard of build quality and safety in use. Moreover, the fact that even the packaging is plastic-free shows that environmental friendliness is taken into account.

What kind of company is Noids?

NOIDS, a young and dynamic company based in Amsterdam, has developed the POT, a device specifically designed for decarboxylating, extracting, infusing and filtering cannabinoids from cannabis. it uses the latest insights from cannabis science to create a product that is efficient and user-friendly.

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