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Are you one of those people who think "this could be stronger" while tripping? Do you feel like your trip buddies see and feel more than you every time? Does an ordinary serving of magic mushrooms or truffles barely impress you? In short: are you looking for a way to enhance your psychedelic mushroom or truffle trip and make it more intense? Read here how, among other things, an MAOI helps you take psychedelics to the next level.

Why do I feel so little from magic mushrooms or truffles?

Why do you feel less from shrooms or truffles than someone else? We addressed this issue in an earlier article on trip drug tolerance. Not everyone is equally sensitive to magic mushrooms or truffles. Moreover, the setting and your expectations also matter. Or your bar in terms of tripping is simply naturally a bit higher.

How can I enhance my psychedelic mushroom or truffle trip?

Want to enhance your psychedelic truffle or magic mushroom trip? Here are several solutions:

Enhance your psychedelic mushroom or truffle trip with MAOIs

There is an easy way to ensure that your psychedelic magic mushroom or truffle trip is enhanced: MAOIs. Read how to tackle this here.

What are MAOIs?

The 'MAO' in MAO inhibitors stands for monoamine oxidase. This is an enzyme that breaks down the happiness chemicals serotonin and dopamine, among others. So an MAOI inhibits that breakdown, which means that those happy substances are active in your body for longer - or can become active at all. Take for instance the strong trip drugs 5-MeO-DMT and DMT. This you will normally have to smoke to notice an effect from it. If you combine DMT with an MAOI, you will also be able to achieve a trip via the oral route. Indeed, that particular cocktail is what makes ayahuasca such a strong trip. So if you want to enhance your psychedelic magic mushroom or truffle trip, an MAOI will do the trick.

Psilohuasca: enhance your psychedelic trip

For an MAOI, you don't even need the pharmaceutical industry. You simply get this trip enhancer from nature! If you combine truffles or magic mushrooms with an MAOI, it is called psilohuasca. The first part of this word refers to psilocybin/psilocin, the active substances in magic mushrooms and truffles. In the second part of the term, you recognise the word ayahuasca.

Passion flower and B.Caapi: two well-known MAOIs

Two well-known and widely used MAO inhibitors are passion flower (passiflora) and B.Caapi, short for Caapi Trueno Banisteriopsis. Passion flower is a plant that helps with various ailments, especially stress- and sleep-related. It is also a natural MAOI, which can extend both the duration and intensity of your trip. Passion flower is considered a mild MAOI. So that means the trip-enhancing effects are not easily perceived as too much. Which therefore makes it a safe choice. Read all about using Passion Flower as a trip enhancer in this blog.

Banisteriopsis caapi is a more potent MAO inhibitor. This vine comes straight from the Amazon jungle, where, as you no doubt know, more potent trip enhancers come from. B.caapi is the MAOI traditionally used to make ayahuasca. The B.caapi Trueno in our shop is one of the strongest strains of the family. Before using it, you should first pulp the strips of vine with a hammer or mortar - traditionally prepared!

Safe use of MAOIs

If you want to enhance your psychedelic trip with MAOIs, it is essential to do so as safely as possible. Firstly, it is important never to use MAOIs with medication that affects your serotonin or dopamine. In particular, leave the MAOIs aside if you are taking antidepressants, specifically SSRIs like Prozac. Nor are painkillers like tramadol a fine combination. This is because this medication already causes serotonin levels in your body to be higher. Not something to want to disrupt! Are you taking any kind of medication? Then be sure to ask your doctor, therapist or, if necessary, an experienced psychedelic guide before using MAOIs in combination with magic mushrooms or truffles.

Also follow the instructions of the specific MAOI and the trip drug you are combining with it. Do not exceed the dosage. Furthermore, know the do's and don'ts of tripping and trip responsibly.