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Mushrooms and truffles have been used by humans for centuries. For fun, as microdosing experiments or with the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment. However, some experience few effects from these magical natural products. They have little or no reaction to the psychoactive substances found in them. Don't feel anything from magic truffles or magic mushrooms? And after such a disappointing experience, do you wonder how this is possible? In this article, you will read the answer to this pressing question!

The effects of magic mushrooms and truffles

Before you can conclude that magic mushrooms and truffles have no effect on you, you need to know exactly what the intended effects are. Therefore, here is a list of what you should expect from magic truffles and magic mushrooms.

The active ingredients in magic mushrooms and truffles that produce an effect are psilocybin and psilocin. These interact with receptors for serotonin (the happiness chemicals) in your brain to produce the desired effects. These occur after about an hour and last for up to eight hours.

Most people experience feelings such as euphoria and visual effects. There is also increasing research into the effects of magic mushrooms on mental symptoms such as depression. At higher doses, the experience can become more intense. Think colourful hallucinations, a different experience of time and space, or even quite spiritual trips. You may experience real Eureka moments, understand yourself more, or get in touch with the supernatural. It all sounds wonderfully positive, but know that, as with any drug, a bad trip is also possible. Fortunately, you can prevent a bad trip with these tips, and slow it down with a trip stopper.

How can tolerance occur for truffles and magic mushrooms?

Is it your first or just the umpteenth time using this trip drug, and do you feel particularly low? There can be several reasons for that feeling of tolerance to magic mushrooms or truffles, science and experience tells us. First, the effects of magic mushrooms and truffles can be very different for different individuals. This depends on logical factors such as the dosage, your physique and tolerance, predisposition, and of course the setting in which you take it, among others. You can also have a very different experience at different times in your life. Maybe as a young, carefree student you could enjoy a magic mushroom trip wonderfully, while now that you are busier you no longer enjoy it.

Here are the main causes of a disappointing mushroom or truffle trip due to tolerance.

1: Dose too low

An open door probably, but if you feel little from a drug, it could be that you took too little of it. The right dose depends on several factors. Whether you use dried or fresh products, for instance. And how big and heavy you are. Some people need twice as much as their trip buddies to experience the same effect. Be sure to read through our comprehensive truffle trip guide if you want to know what to look out for before taking magic truffles. For the correct dosage of both truffles and magic mushrooms, we recommend our mushroom dose calculator. That tells you how much an average person should take for the desired effect. Still, the factors below can influence that ideal dose, causing you to feel nothing or less.

2: Setting and mindset

You may find it difficult to relax and surrender to the trip. As a result, you are not open to the effects of magic mushrooms and truffles. For example, you find yourself in too crowded an environment, such as at a festival or with people you don't know well. Or you actually just don't feel relaxed lately. Or your tripbuddy is not going so well, and you have to take care of the person - then you suddenly feel a lot more sober! As you understand, the setting in which you take a drug and your mindset both have a potentially inhibiting effect on your trip.

3: Impatience and a full stomach

Know that it will take an hour on average before you will notice anything from magic mushrooms or truffles. But you won't be the first to 'feel nothing' after 60 minutes, so you take another dose and, 5 minutes later, suddenly see the world around you change dramatically. A big influence on how quickly you notice effects is your stomach contents. You might think that it's good to build a base with a good meal, as with an evening of drinking. With trip drugs, the opposite is true. It's better to trip with an almost empty stomach. Don't eat any food about three hours before taking magic mushrooms or truffles, or if necessary, a very small snack if your stomach is rattling. Read here why we recommend taking trip drugs on an empty stomach.

4: Disposition

Then, of course, there is the factor of predisposition that can throw a spanner in the works. Studies show that the effects of psychedelics partly depend on how lucky you are with certain receptors. In plain language: one person's response to a substance like magic mushrooms is better than another's. Have you tried tripping several times, but despite the right dosage and setting, almost nothing happens? Then you probably just have bad luck on this point.

5. Tolerance because you do truffles or magic mushrooms too often

As with substances like coffee, alcohol and weed, you also build up tolerance when it comes to psychedelics. At least, if you take them on a regular basis... Research and experience show, for example, that you will hardly notice any effects of the next dose of magic mushrooms or truffles the day(s) after a trip. So make sure there are a few days (at least!) between your sessions. Not just because of that physical tolerance to magic mushrooms or truffles, of course ... Above all, you want it to be a special experience and not an everyday occurrence.