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Tripping on an empty stomach might sound a bit crazy. On the contrary, you would think that it is best to do this with a good base in your stomach - just like consuming alcohol. But when using magic truffles, it is precisely not when you should eat beforehand. Why is it better to use truffles on an empty stomach? We will gladly explain that to you!

Why trip on an empty stomach with truffles?

Would you like to experience an amazing trip with magic truffles? Then keep in mind not to eat before using them! We prefer to keep at least 3 hours between the last meal and the consumption of magic truffles. In fact, the very best is to eat almost nothing or something that is easily digestible that day. So laying a good foundation is absolutely unnecessary when using psychedelic truffles o magic mushrooms, unlike what we are used to with alcohol. With truffles, you can actually get very nauseous. Of course, you don't want that! Besides, the compound psilocybin can be absorbed faster into the body, and you notice the magical effects quicker.

Why not eat with truffles?

If you have just sat down to an extensive lunch, and you take psychedelic truffles, it may take longer to feel the effects. Some people therefore tend to take more truffles, but this can turn out to be totally wrong. You quickly take too big a dose and the effects end up being extra intense. Let the food subside before you start your trip and take the right dose.

Can I eat if I have eaten truffles?

A frequently asked question among first-time users: can I eat during the trip? Suppose I get very hungry during the trip? The short answer is yes, you can. But it is actually a bit more nuanced than that. Firstly, users' experience shows that most of the time they don't get 'binges' or huge cravings. At most, they feel like a snack or a small meal, but often only once they have landed again. And that's perfect: because even during your trip on truffles, a large meal can cause nausea. Some also experience that it actually inhibits the trip, while others are not bothered by this.

Furthermore, it is important to keep your sugar level up. Often it gets out of balance because you haven't eaten anything for a few hours. The trip itself does not change your sugar level. If you often do not eat for long periods of time, it will not bother you so much. In any case, it is handy to always have some sugar at hand, just in case. Fruit or a bit of candy is ideal to bring your sugar levels back up.

Why no alcohol with truffles?

During your trip with truffles, it is not wise to use alcohol. Actually, all forms of other drugs, alcohol or herbs are not. This is because it increases the effects of the magic truffles, and you will notice a spike of effects, so to speak. If you have already used a reasonable amount, chances are the effects will become too intense and the trip will turn out negatively for you. Also, alcohol is known as a depressant - a substance that can negatively affect your mental state.

Also, magic mushrooms should never be mixed with prescription drugs such as MAOIs, opioids, antidepressants or other mind-altering drugs. These combinations can have very dangerous consequences.

How do I get sober again after a trip?

Do you still feel uncomfortable during a trip, or do you want to get sober again after a long trip? Then it is best not to block the trip, but you can do some things to sober up faster. If you do not feel comfortable during a trip, it is important to find a safe and quiet environment. Eat some fruit, lie down and listen to your favourite music. Try to do things you normally do to calm down.

You can also go for a walk or run to sober up from a trip. This will make your metabolism work faster and therefore your body will be able to metabolise and get rid of the drugs faster. You can also speed up sobering up by taking omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, apples or kale.

Another option is the Trip Stopper. These pills strengthen the breakdown process and help gradually stop a bad trip. Highly recommended getting in the house when you decide to trip with truffles or magic mushrooms!