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In our shop, you will find all kinds of natural medicinal herbs or psychoactive mind-altering substances. You can take large portions of these, for tripping or to get a nice high, for instance. But with many of the substances in our smart and head shop, you can also microdose. You probably already know that magic mushrooms are great for a cure to experience more creativity and productivity with microdoses and perform better at work. But there are more substances you can microdose with.... Some of them will surprise you! Read here which well-known and lesser-known substances you can microdose with and what benefits they each can have for you.

Psilocybin-containing substances: microdosing with magic mushrooms and truffles

By now, many people know that you can microdose with magic mushrooms. Truffles are also suitable for this purpose. Both plants contain the active substance psilocybin. This substance can make you trip, but in small quantities it also has effects. What to expect when you go for microdosing with these substances? This is what most users who experience effects report:

  • more creativity
  • more sense of flow and being totally absorbed in activities
  • more focus and motivation
  • more comfortable in your own skin
  • less anxiety and depression
  • can help with PTSD

Yet not all studies show that it works, nor is it yet entirely clear how and why it works (and why it doesn't work in some). Since shrooms and truffles in such microdoses (5-20% of a normal serving) are not harmful substances, such a mini-portion is definitely worth trying. Never try, never know...

We have already written quite a lot about microdosing with magic mushrooms and truffles. Want to start with this or optimise your current microdosing protocol? Then we have some reading tips for you here:


Mescaline is the active ingredient in trip cacti such as San Pedro. At high doses of these cacti, you can completely lose sight of reality. With microdoses of these substances, you get a completely different experience:

  • improved mood and empathy
  • relaxing and calming
  • more energy and motivation
  • more flow
  • less fear and inhibitions
  • better able to see things in perspective; philosophical ability
  • more creativity, ideas and imagination
  • can help in withdrawal from addictive substances

LSD and LSA: microdosing with what?

Mushrooms and truffles are not the only psychedelics you can microdose with. LSD is also regularly used to achieve roughly the same effects. In a study from March 2023, 40 subjects were given 14 doses of 10 μg LSD, spread over 6 weeks. That amounts to a microdose of this drug every 3 days, which will make you pretty trippy at 10-20 times higher doses. This protocol corresponds to that of magic mushrooms and truffles. This study showed quite stunning results, consistent with experiences reported by microdosers:

  • more creativity
  • more feelings of connection
  • more energy and excitability
  • increased feelings of happiness
  • increase in overall wellbeing

LSD is illegal, but its little brother LSA is not. However, the effects are quite similar. LSA can be found in various seeds such as and Morning Glory.

Kanna: not the best-known drug for microdosing

Kanna is a drug that seems unfamiliar to most people. And if you know it, you will probably have only tried it in 'normal' doses. The effect of a regular serving is still most like MDMA. Nice, mellow, relaxed, warm and high, in other words. In microdoses, however, this drug can also have an effect, which is more comparable to an antidepressant from the SSRI family. The protocol you should follow, according to experts: 5 days on followed by 2 days off, spread over about 4 weeks.

The possible effects a microdose of kanna can have:

  • improvement in anxiety and depression symptoms
  • reduction in appetite
  • less fatigue
  • less pain
  • improvement in mood
  • increased focus
  • increased feelings of connection with the environment and the spiritual

Sounds like something for you? Here you can find all our kanna products. Note that these differ in strength, which also means there is a difference in what the right microdose is. Start with a small amount, such as 1/20th of the dose indicated by the packaging. Build it up until you experience the effects you are looking for.


Did you know that you can also microdose with the widely known drug cannabis? Microdosing cannabis also requires you to use a schedule, for example by microdosing two to four times a week. The effects you can expect from microdosing with weed are as follows:

  • increase in creativity
  • less stress
  • better sleep
  • better concentration
  • easier to be social

You take a microdose like this by smoking or vaping it, or taking a piece of edible. As with other substances, it is good to know that finding your ideal dose and protocol will probably take some time. The rule of thumb remains the same: take so little that it won't get you high. Want to give it a try? We explain all about it in this earlier article.

Are there more substances you can microdose with?

Yes, there are: theoretically, you can microdose with anything besides the best-known options mentioned in this article. One takes a drug that contains psychoactive substances, does a portion that is 1/20th to 1/10th of the usual dose, and you are microdosing. An important rule of thumb: do go for substances that are not physically addictive. The last thing you want is to build up tolerance to these, or worse: become dependent on them.