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Smoking weed from time to time is a wonderful trip to higher realms. But cannabis use can also have certain health benefits. Sometimes you would like to take advantage of those benefits without getting high. And that is possible, namely by microdosing.

Cannabis contains many healthy substances, such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These can have a positive effect on both your body and mind. When you microdose you can still experience those benefits on a subtle level. Read here how that works.

microdosing cannabis

The benefits of microdosing cannabis

Do you use cannabis, you probably do that for several reasons? Getting high is great, of course, but you often also enjoy the other benefits of cannabis, such as that you experience less stress, can sleep better, feel more sociable and cheerful and can think out-of-the-box just that little easier.

Many people would like to enjoy these benefits every day. Weed brings out the best in us, and that feels good. But getting high is not very useful when you have to work or study. That's where microdosing comes in. Microdosing makes it possible to use a very small dose of cannabis, eliminating the mind-altering effects. But you can feel the other effects.

With normal use of cannabis, you will occasionally get a larger dose. When microdosing, you take a very small dose every day (or every other day) (usually one tenth of a normal dose). This has a positive effect on your emotional, physical and mental well-being. And that while you can continue to function.

Microdosing can stimulate your creativity, help you cope with stress and improve your concentration. Users report that they experience, with the use of  microdosingless intense emotions and benefits the sleep. Dealing with other people can also be a bit easier.

microdosing wiet

Rules of thumb for microdosing cannabis

The principle of microdosing is that you regularly consume a small dose of weed. You can use a microdosing schedule for this. For example, many people practice the routine of taking a microdose twice a week. or for example every other day. With microdosing it is good to try out what works best for you. You are supposed to use enough to feel the effect, but not get high.

In terms of quantity, it depends on your own experience with cannabis and how sensitive your body is. It is advisable to start with a low dose and not to do this during the week. If you take too much, it is so handy that you don't have to go to work afterwards and face your boss high. Try it on weekends and listen carefully to your body. If necessary, write down the effect of the microdosing. A rough guideline is that you take a tenth or even less of a normal dose, which amounts to about 5 to 10 mg of THC. Once you have rolled a joint, take a drag and take the time to experience the effect of it.

microdosing marihuana

Microdose weed: how do you do that?

When microdosing cannabis, it is useful to choose a way of consumption that makes it easy to take such a small dose.


Smoking weed is an easy and accessible way to microdose. You can take a single puff from a joint, and you will soon notice the effect. Because it will take a very long time with your joint that way, it may not taste as good. You can fix this by rolling a joint that's just right for a microdose.


Vaping is also a good way to microdose, and you thus prevent the negative impact of smoking. It is also easy to dose and all valuable substances are well-preserved due to the lower temperatures.


Edibles are also suitable, but you have to pay close attention to the dosage. You can add cannabis to snacks such as sweets, chocolate or cake, but make sure you know exactly how much weed is in a snack. It is also possible to use cannabis oil, which can make dosing easier.