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Being more creative, being able to concentrate better, thinking out-of-the-box, in short performing better at work is possible with microdosing. Taking miniscule amounts of psychedelics boosts your brain. You will not notice any huge differences with how you normally function, they are subtle changes in the field of cognition and creativity. You can benefit a lot from that at work.

Much is expected of you

At work you want to be at your best: sharp, social, creative and focused. You will need all your mental strength. We usually don't even think about how hard our brains have to work to do whatever we want to do. Your cognitive abilities include many different functions and skills, such as:

microdosing mushrooms

  • Language (speaking and reading)
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Logical thinking
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Recording and processing information
  • Plan-based thinking

You are expected to perform well every day. But no matter how much you want that, it does not always work. There are times when you have less energy, sometimes you are not feeling well or you have a lot on your plate. When a certain situation absorbs a lot of energy, it often fails to perform optimally at work.

Problems at home are distracting, you have trouble concentrating. Sending an email suddenly takes you half an hour instead of 5 minutes. A conversation with a colleague does not go the way you want at all. Sometimes you need a helping hand. Microdosing could be that help.

The benefits of microdosing at work

microdosing work

Psychedelics have a mind-altering effect. But that is not everything. The influence of these agents goes beyond the mere fact that they cause a trip. It is not for nothing that at cluster headaches, migraine or epilepsy, or magic mushrooms or LSD can help with this. But psychedelics can also have advantages for everyday use. Only then you take a microdose.

A microdose means that you only take a small amount of a psychedelic (ie mushrooms, magic truffles, cactus or LSD). You only take a tenth of a normal dose. As a result, you will notice the advantages, but not the disadvantages (such as visual disturbances) of the drug. Microdosing can have a positive effect on your performance, both mentally and socially. 

Research into the effect of microdosing

Research has been conducted into the effect of microdosing on the brain. A group of people already taking microdoses were questioned about their experiences via Reddit. They were positive about the effects and the study showed that they performed better through microdosing. The influence was reflected in many areas: social behavior, creativity, focus and well-being. The changes were not always very big, but the majority of users reported that they were able to concentrate better, were more creative and productive, and felt more connected to others.
microdosing truffles

Research has also been conducted in the Netherlands into the benefits of microdosing, specifically the effects on cognitive functions. Luisa Prochazkova delved into this topic at the University of Leiden. Her conclusion is that microdosing seems to help people, to come up with original solutions and be more creative. Someone who microdoses can more easily come up with spontaneous ideas, but also think better systematically and logically.

Whether you have an office job, where you spend a lot of time behind a screen or if you are a manager or stand in front of the classroom or have your own shop: microdosing can support you in every job. It helps you think logically, come up with creative solutions, interact with other people. It can help you better plan, organize, see connections and think out-of-the-box. Who knows, maybe you still have big dreams, you want to set up your own company, but you don't know how. Maybe you need that one creative approach that microdosing can give you.

Microdosing psychedelics can help in any profession. Everyone can use a little boost. In principle, you can use any mind-altering substance: microdosing can be done with magic mushrooms, truffles, cacti(San Pedro or Peyote) and even with cannabis. You can get started quickly with our handy microdosing packaging from psilocybin truffles.