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Ceremonial Accessories


Ceremonial accessories

Are you at the point in your life where you want to enter into a spiritual ceremony? Then you will quickly start looking for the right ceremonial accessories. In all cases, you yourself are your most important resource, but ceremonial accessories can help you get even deeper into yourself. In 24High's range, you will find all the necessary ceremonial accessories, which are used for many different ceremonies. So the first step of your ceremony is right here!

Different ritual accessories

There is a big difference in our range of ritual accessories. This is essential, because every ceremony takes place in a different way, so different ceremonial accessories always apply. We take you through our range!

Traditional ceremonial supplies

We start with the traditional ceremonial supplies, as these generally come into play the most. In this case, we are talking about an incense burner: a burner that you use to create scents that calm you down. In our ceremonial accessories you will also find an incense board, which basically serves the same purpose but in terms of design exudes less spirituality. Yet this is also certainly not a bad choice, as minimalism in the right setting also makes for a good spiritual journey.

Specific spiritual accessories

Furthermore, there are also spiritual accessories that are precisely aimed at a specific spiritual journey. Here you can think of a maraca, for example: a percussion instrument used for extra soothing sounds during a ceremony. But, other ritual objects like a tripod or a chocolate stirrer can also be of immense value for your ceremonies. In these ceremonial accessories, the power lies mainly in the fact that they are made of natural materials, keeping your connection with mother nature.

How do you use them?

Ceremonial accessories are part of almost every spiritual ceremony, but because they all differ from each other, it can be difficult to say how your sacred accessories are used. You yourself can answer this best, as you know best what is going on in your life and what spiritual journey you want to take. If this is not yet the case, your ceremony will be shaped around reflection and a deeper connection with yourself.

Furthermore, ceremonies can be used in a group setting, but also alone. It depends on what the purpose of your ceremony is. For the use of some ceremonial accessories you will need the help of others (e.g. the use of a maraca), but in other cases it can be more like a spiritual decoration and you yourself will be the source of your spiritual journey.

Any questions?

Do you have questions about how ceremonial accessories can contribute to your spiritual journey? Feel free to ask our specialists! We would love to help you make your environment as safe as possible, so you can make the most beautiful journeys.