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Blowing, tripping and spacing is hearty fun and valuable. But sometimes you suddenly get nauseous. How can this happen? And more importantly, how do you prevent it? Read here what to do in case of nausea while tripping magic mushrooms, truffles and other psychedelics.

Why do you get nausea while tripping?

Nausea is one of the most common unwanted side effects of psychedelics. Even people who never suffer from this in everyday life can still suddenly get lousy during a trip. Where does this come from?

What causes nausea in the first place is more complex than you might think. For instance, besides your digestive system, your central and autonomic nervous systems are involved. Hormones and neurotransmitters are also involved. Especially serotonin, dopamine, histamine and acetylcholine. Serotonin and dopamine are the substances responsible for the most positive effects of your trip. Thus, these happy substances are what give you that high, euphoria and the warm, connected feeling.

Also with substances such as MDMA, by the way; and as with magic mushrooms and truffles, people regularly get nauseous. On the other hand, these are substances that affect your bowel function and how fast your stomach empties. Also, your heart rate and body temperature often go up slightly and your blood pressure changes. So it's not at all surprising that your body gets a little upset by everything that's happening internally....

Psychological causes

Moreover, getting nauseous is not only a physical process, but there is also a bit of psychology involved. From the fear of getting sick, for instance, you can trigger that very dreaded nausea. Without wanting to, you think yourself sick.

But apart from that, of course, psychedelics also consist of certain ingredients. Substances that you don't take every day and to which your body is therefore not accustomed.

Combined substance use

Certain combinations of substances are known to cause nausea. Alcohol in particular does not combine well with other substances. Taking XTC or lighting up a strong joint when you are already pretty drunk often ends up in a bad evening. It is mainly the quantities that influence the effect. With other drugs, such as GHB and ketamine, nausea is also a well-known side effect. These two combine very badly with alcohol, and can not only make you dizzy, but also cause much more serious distress.

How a combination of substances turns out is very personal. If you go tripping on magic mushrooms, truffles, LSD or anything else, simply watch yourself carefully. Know what you can and cannot take with these and how much. Ideally, just focus on the trip and go for one drug. If necessary, arrange a trip sitter to keep an eye on you.

How to prevent nausea during a trip

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent nausea during a trip. Good preparation is crucial. Here's what you can do before you go tripping, to prevent nausea during your session on psychedelics like magic mushrooms and truffles, so you can enjoy them without getting nauseous.

The day of the trip: pay attention to your food

Tripping on an empty stomach is one of the wisest things you can do if you want to avoid nausea from magic mushrooms and other psychedelics. It is best not to eat anything the hours before the trip, and on the day itself there are a number of things to consider when eating. In this article, we tell you exactly how to do this: Tripping on truffles on an empty stomach.

Make tea of your tripods

The way you take your magic mushrooms, truffles or other trip aids can affect nausea. In this respect, making tea is preferable to swallowing psychedelics for most people. Find out how to make truffle tea here. Throw in a mountain of ginger; later in this article, we explain why ginger is your friend during a nauseous moment.

You can take this if you get nauseous during a trip

If you do get nauseous during your trip, there are several remedies you can take:


CBD, as found in CBD oil, reduces nausea and the chances of vomiting. Thus, it is used by people with all kinds of conditions to combat this side effect of mainly medication.


Ginger is the best thing nature has to offer you in terms of nausea relief. For instance, it even works for people who are lousy from chemotherapy. But even when your bowels are acting up during a trip, ginger can counteract that bubbling tummy and nausea. Brew a pot of strong ginger tea, make a ginger shot or eat a piece raw when you can.

Fresh nose

If you get nauseous during your trip in a stuffy, crowded room, it can intensify your lousy feeling. You become stressed: where do I go if it gets worse? When it is safe to do so, go for a walk in the fresh air. You'll feel a lot more spry after this welcome distraction. Walking has been proven to regulate all kinds of processes in your body. Moreover, it is a good de-stresser. Should you still throw out your lunch, the idea of a bush is also a lot nicer than having to run to the toilet from the sofa or dance floor.


Many people who don't feel well start breathing 'worse': faster and shallower. And this actually makes them feel worse and more stressed. Focus on your breathing and make sure you calm down. Breathing exercises can help with this.