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Besides the world of magic mushrooms, you'll find all kinds of magic truffles in our webshop. With these, you can microdose, i.e. take small amounts, or go for a spiritual trip with a large portion. But why take magic truffles in the first place? What are the benefits of magic truffles, from microdoses to larger doses?

First advantage of magic truffles: legal trip buds

A first major advantage of magic truffles is the main reason why users prefer them over magic mushrooms. Truffles are legal in the Netherlands, while magic mushrooms are not these days. And that is actually quite special, because truffles literally grow up together with those illegal mushrooms. But underground; they are a so-called sclerotium of magic mushrooms. And sclerotium is another difficult word for mushroom package. As long as truffles stay nice and underground, they are heartily legal.

However, the sale of fresh mushrooms has been banned since 2008. Yet both magic mushrooms and truffles contain the same psychoactive ingredients: psilocybin.

If you are someone who likes to stick to the law and enjoy tripping just as much, then of course the legality of truffles is a huge advantage. No need to worry about that during your inner journeys! By the way, growing mushrooms yourself is legal. Just like growing truffles, of course.

Benefit #2: Sharper brain by microdosing with truffles

In mega-productive Silicon Valley, they have long since discovered it: with small doses of psilocybin, you boost your brain power. By using a fraction of a regular trip-portion, the brain appears to be stimulated in certain places. Among other things, users experience more focus after microdosing with magic truffles, making it easier to focus on one task, or several at once. They also regularly report a feeling of flow: being completely absorbed in what you are doing and forgetting the time and world around you for a moment.

So how do you microdose? You can choose to buy a portion of truffles and split it into 10-20 microdoses, but you can also buy ready-made microdosing kits. Of these, all you have to do is take a pre-dosed portion each day you take it, and you're done. A third option is a microdosing stack. This is a pre-dosed amount of truffles plus additional ingredients that are good for your brain. An example is the Wize Rootz microdosing stack with extra additives like cocoa and medicinal mushrooms in addition to truffles.

Benefit #3: life-changing

The main reason people use truffles is the trip that follows a medium to large dose. What can you expect like this? First: changes in your consciousness, in the broadest sense of the word. Time, space, senses, colours, smells: everything can seem (very) different. Also count on visual effects, from classic visuals in certain trippy patterns and at high doses quite spiritual experiences. You often feel more connected to the world around you, like nature or the people you're with. Another nice benefit of truffles: you will often feel extra happy to even euphoric.

Many first-time users tripping on truffles or similar substances describe the experience as life-changing. You can definitely call this a benefit of magic truffles, if you are open to this.

Benefit #4: Truffles possibly effective for mental complaints


Another possible benefit of truffles is that it can help with trauma and other mental complaints. This is something that is currently being widely researched, but initial studies are promising. Microdosing psilocybin, for example, has been shown to help people with PTSD get ahead, but those suffering from anxiety can also benefit.

Benefit #5: Growing your own truffles is easier than magic mushrooms


Did you know that it is quite easy to grow your own truffles, just in your own home? Even better: it's easier than growing magic mushrooms. Especially with a truffle grow kit, growing these trip tubers really is a piece of cake. In this article, we tell you more about it: How do I grow truffles with a grow kit?

Tips for using magic truffles

As you read, magic truffles can have benefits for both the recreational user and those looking for more focus or even trauma processing. Are you going on magic truffles for the first time? Then we have some tips for you.

  1. Go for the right dose. Want to know how much is enough for you? Use our handy magic mushrooms and magic truffles calculator.
  2. Don't trip right after eating. Read why here: Tripping on truffles on an empty stomach.
  3. Check how strong the truffles are before taking a large portion. After all, they can vary quite a bit in potency among themselves. Read all about it here: What are the strongest magic truffles?
  4. Read through these tips to (almost) guarantee a perfect trip.