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Are you already familiar with Wise Rootz, a new way of microdosing with truffles, cocoa and medicinal mushrooms? Combining psilocybin with other brain-stimulating natural substances is becoming increasingly popular. And for a reason: individually, these substances are already effective in boosting your brain, mood and performance. If you combine them with each other, they will reinforce and complement each other. Read all about the combo of psilocybin with cocoa and mushrooms like Cordyceps here. What can this so-called microdosing stack do for you?

The benefits of microdosing stacking

Microdosing stacking is combining different stimulant (natural) substances in small amounts. Almost always, the base consists of a source of psilocybin: magic truffles or magic mushrooms. Whereas a serving of 1+ grams of dried magic mushrooms or 10+ grams of truffles will give you a trip, the effects with 5-10% of this dose are quite different. Generally, users with such a microdose experience a boost in mood, creativity, energy and flow. The effects can be different for everyone and range from subtle to almost life-changing.

But besides truffles and magic mushrooms, there are more substances that can stimulate your brain. For instance, more and more people are familiar with medicinal mushrooms, such as Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms. While in Asia these have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, here in the West we have only recently become convinced of the healing power of these miniature mushrooms. Lion's Mane is another mushroom with medicinal effects. Both mushrooms are full of antioxidants and are effective in many ailments. In addition, they have an overall positive effect on your physical and mental health. For instance, they can combat stress and fatigue.

A well-known microdosing stack is that of fungal expert Paul Stamets. In this stack, in addition to psilocybin, you will find vitamin B3 and Lion's Mane. The Wise Rootz microdosing stack is another well-known combination of stimulants. This one uses psilocybin with cocoa as its base.

What's in the Wise Rootz microdosing stack?

Wise Rootz' microdosing stack consists of truffles with cocoa, possibly supplemented with other proven effective ingredients. Pure cocoa contains numerous substances that boost your health and stimulate blood flow. A unique feature of the Wise Rootz microdosing boxes is that they come with an app. With the Wise Rootz app, you simply follow your microdosing protocol and track your progress. Handy, because this way you can determine what microdosing does for you - without having to put too much effort into it. Each option from the Wise Rootz line consists of a monthly dose in evenly dosed portions. This way, you don't have to weigh your doses yourself. You simply take the pre-dosed portion 12 times a month according to your protocol and you're done.

Which Wise Rootz microdosing box suits you?

At 24high, you can choose from three different stacks, each with its own advantages. Which Wise Rootz box is ideal for you depends on your personal needs.

Wise Rootz: Signature Synergy: the basis for body and mind

With the Wise Rootz: Signature Synergy box, you lay an excellent foundation for optimal functioning of body and mind. This box contains 12 microdosing doses of psilocybin plus 12 doses of raw cacao. Use this box mainly as a starting point. For instance, first follow this protocol of two substances for a month to see what it does, and supplement it with other stimulating options if desired. Or switch to one of the other Wise Rootz boxes.

Optimal concentration with Wise Rootz: Full Focus

Wise Rootz: Full Focus consists of 12 servings of psilocybin in microdosing quantities, pure cocoa, Lion's Mane and Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo Biloba boosts your concentration and memory, partly because it stimulates blood flow. It is even used as a therapeutic agent in dementia. It has also shown positive results in tinnitus and strokes, and combats ageing.

The Wise Rootz: Full Focus microdosing box is specifically designed for people looking for a clear mind and laser focus. Whether you are studying hard, looking to boost your career or otherwise maximise your brain, this box can help you boost your brain function.

Improve your physical with Wise Rootz: Peak Performance

Last but not least, there is Wise Rootz: Peak Performance. Besides the base of cocoa and psilocybin from truffles, you'll find the aforementioned Cordyceps mushrooms and MCT oil in this stack. The aim of this box is to give your body a boost. MCT oil is especially popular as an energy-stimulating supplement to the ketogenic diet that is very low in carbohydrates. But it also appears to improve or stabilise cognition in Alzheimer's. Do you especially want to boost your physical performance, feel healthier and have more energy? Then try this protocol with this monthly box. Also, be sure to keep track of your experiences in the Wise Rootz app to see to what extent you revive from this microdosing protocol.