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Are you planning to use psychedelic truffles? Then of course you want the best possible experience. But one truffle is not the other. So how do you know if the psychedelic truffles you have in your hands are of high quality? In this article, our tips for buying and using the right magic truffles.

What are psychedelic truffles?

Psychedelic truffles, or magic truffles, are often lumped together with magic mushrooms. Understandably, as the effects are equivalent. Truffles, however, are a type of fungus, arising in tuberous form near special mushrooms. Another big difference is that truffles are completely legal by law, while magic mushrooms are not. By the way, growing magic mushrooms yourself is!

Magic truffles contain the same active ingredient as mushrooms that make you trip: psilocybin.


The effects of magic truffles

You can use magic truffles in different doses and for different purposes. Depending on how much you take, truffles can have different effects. Go for microdosing with magic truffles if you are curious what it can do for you in everyday life. In (very) small quantities, it is not a trip drug, but it does have potential effects on your brain. For instance, it seems to have a positive impact on creativity. Also, microdosing can put you in a flow state. You know, that feeling when you are so absorbed in what you are doing that you completely forget about time.

At the time of writing, there is plenty of research on effects of using psychedelics such as truffles, magic mushrooms and LSD in low doses. One of the most interesting possible effects is that they can reduce depressive symptoms.

Whereas you can do (extra) well with a small dose of truffles, it will be more difficult with larger quantities... This is because then you can count on visual changes or a real trip where the world around you seems very different. Your perception of time becomes different. Your mood can certainly change too. That's why it's wise to make sure you have the right setting when you start using them.

If you are anxious or feel unsafe, skip psychedelics. If you are in a good mood, on the contrary, it can be a great euphoric experience. By the way, there are different trip levels of truffles, also called dimensions. Read all about these 5 trip levels and what you will feel then.

This is how to get top-quality truffles

What the best truffles are for you also depends on what your personal preferences are. Never done truffles before? First read our complete guide to using magic truffles and then go wild in our shop! In our range, you will of course only find top-quality magic truffles. We ship them airtight sealed, so they are delivered to your home without any loss of quality. Be sure to try out our favourites with one of our value packs! This way, you can get three, four, five or six kinds of truffles for microdosing or tripping in one go. We also recommend growing your own truffles with one of our grow kits.

More tips for a high-quality magic truffle trip

A good trip with magic truffles does not only depend on the quality of the tubers... Also, things like your mindset and setting are important. Here are a few more tips for a top trip or truffles.

Look for the ideal strength for you

Some truffles are noticeably stronger than others. So know what you're getting when you buy one of our truffles! The strongest quality magic truffles are the Double Vision truffles. These are guaranteed to give you an intense experience. Read here which other strong truffle varieties there are and what to expect.

Make sure you have an empty stomach

As with any trip drug, it is wise to watch your food in the hours before you take magic truffles. Don't eat anything for several hours before tripping, and preferably make sure your stomach is as empty as possible. So don't go out to dinner on the day of your trip! In this article, we tell you all about why tripping on an empty stomach is wise.

Tripping hard? Get a trip sitter

Planning to push your limits, or want to make sure you feel safe during a trip? Arrange a trip sitter: a person who remains calm and whom you can trust. That way, you can be sure that your safety is guaranteed. And thus you reduce the chances of a bad trip or unwise actions.