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The psilocybe truffle contains the same substances and active properties as the magic mushroom. The psychedelic magic mushroom is found mainly in the tropical regions of Mexico, Central and South America. This fungus or mycelium from which the magic mushroom grows is found underground and usually around shrubs and trees. How exactly does the psilocybe truffle grow? We explain that to you in this article.

What is a psilocybe truffle?

A psilocybe truffle is tuberous and often grows in warm tropical areas. Psilocybin is the main psychoactive substance in the truffle and also the magic mushroom, this is where the psychedelic effects come from. This is why they are also called psychedelic truffles. We'll tell you more about magic truffles in another article.

How does the psilocybe truffle grow?

The psilocybe truffle grows from the spores of both common and magic mushrooms. Once the mushroom cap is large enough and opens, it releases 'spores' that fall to the ground. Due to the wind, they can end up in all sorts of different places. These spores are therefore also called the seeds of a mushroom. They are the reproductive cells from which fungi multiply and grow. Indeed, the spores create a mycelium: a network of fungal threads that often grow underground or in rotting tree trunks.

From this mycelium grow the fruiting bodies, the psychedelic mushrooms. These grow above ground. So you can actually think of the mycelium as the roots of a plant and the mushroom as the fruit. However, the truffle grows in the mycelium and, like the magic mushroom, contains all the active psychedelic substances.

Where does the psilocybe mushroom grow?

Psilocybin mushrooms are most common in South American countries. They can also grow in Asia and Australia, but this is less common. You see them mostly in countries like Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil. In Mexico, you are most likely to see them. They grow here mainly in the wild under bushes and trees. In the Netherlands, they also occur in the wild, but since picking them yourself can be very dangerous, we advise you to grow them yourself with spores from the mushroom or using a grow kit.

What types of psychedelic truffles are there?

There are several types of magic truffles, but the best-known species is the cubensis. It is also known as the Mexican Magic Mushroom. The name is derived from the town of Cuauhtémoc in Mexico, where this mushroom was first discovered. The cubensis is a large mushroom with a diameter of 5 centimetres. Other mushroom species are:

  • Amazonia
  • Tampanensis
  • Atlantis
  • Dragon's Dynamite
  • Utopia
  • Hollandia

Grow your own magic mushrooms

Would you like to grow mushrooms yourself, but have never done so before? An all-in-one grow kit is perfect for the novice user and grower. They contain everything you need to grow your own magic mushrooms. The Golden Teacher grow kit is a good one to start with. In the grow kit, you will find mushroom spores, growing instructions and a growbag, among other things. You can even get multiple harvests out of it and it's completely legal!

Growing outdoors

Most grow kits are set up for indoor mushroom cultivation and use cereal grains as a substrate. A great nutrient for the fungus, but it only works in a hygienic environment where there is little chance of cross-pollination. Outdoors, this becomes very difficult to achieve. However, there are special grow kits for growing outdoors. We'll tell you more about growing mushrooms outdoors in another article.

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