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As mentioned in the title above, the advice that I would like to give everyone is that you should first read as much about cannabis and growing it as possible before starting to grow yourself. Fortunately, you are already making a good start by reading this blog. Try to get even more information about Cannabis in books, on the internet, forums and even videos. Cannabis is a very beautiful plant (species) and, as mentioned above, the cousin (s) of the nettle. Cannabis is a one year old plant also called "seasons" plant. Under the right conditions, Cannabis can germinate, grow and flower very quickly. An average cannabis plant has a life span of more or less 3-9 months. However, Cannabis can live for years when it's kept in growth under the right conditions. So it is only when the plant starts to bloom that it prepares for the (arrival of) autumn and would die shortly afterwards.

Growing Cannabis Knowledge & Information

There are basically three main categories of Cannabis. Namely; Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis, there are also countless crosses between these, the Hybrids are also called "crossing (s)". In this way, for example, the "Ruderalis" and thus the Auto-Flowering property have also been passed on to countless species. The "Ruderalis strain", also called Auto-Flower (AF), has the shortest growth and flowering time. This species has once been developed in nature to flower in (too) little light. In general, a Sativa has the longest flowering time and often a slightly longer lifespan than an Indica and the Hybrids, also called "cross (es)" are often in between.

A "regular" cannabis plant will remain in the growth phase as long as it gets 18h light and 6h dark. When the (sun) light (or the grow lights) switches to 12h light and 12h dark Cannabis starts to bloom, this 'flowering phase' usually lasts around 6 to 12 weeks, this can sometimes be a bit more / or less depending on circumstances. The "Ruderalis" or "Auto Flowering" varieties do not need this light switch to flower. However, it is advisable as soon as the first signs of flowering are visible to set the lamps to 12/12 so that the maximum from flowering and thus harvest is still achieved.


Do you want to grow Auto-Flowering outdoors?

This is also a perfect choice for our Dutch climate, provided you select the right genetics and put them out (only) in the 3rd or 4th week of May. It is therefore best to germinate Auto-Flowering varieties in late April or early May so that they experience the most beautiful 3 months of our summer. A handy advice that I can give for all growers, except for the 'AF Strains', is to germinate your Cannabis plants in February, March or April and put them in the window or even better in a grow room and with a pre-growth or grow lamp. Before you can do that you first have to choose wich cannabis  seeds youre going to use and how to germinate.

Germination Phase & Germination Methods Cannabis Seeds

The germination phase is the starting phase and thus a very important phase for the cannabis seed. Often this takes a few days to a week or max. 2. When the seed has germinated and is in the soil or a substrate and gets a stem with 2 leaves (above the ground), we already speak of a seedling. There are a lot of germination methods, too many to discuss all so I would discuss the three most used and successful methods.

A common and easy method is to put the seed an inch or two in the soil and cover it with soil. This method is successful enough for many growers. This is also the most natural, but not the best when it comes to the germination rate. Another commonly used and very popular method, which I myself also use, is the coffee filter method. I also discussed this in a previous blog of mine. Namely this: Outdoor Cannabis Bredding Report - Part 1

With the coffee filter method, you take an unbleached brown coffee filter, which you fold open and then moisten it. Then you put the seed in and fold the wet coffee filter. Then you put the coffee filter and seed in a plastic / grip bag and close it. The last step is to hang it somewhere with tape or adhesive tape where there is no daylight and it is therefore completely dark. The seed must think that it is in the ground. You can check every day if you see a carrot, if it has a half to one centimeter or more root, it can be carefully removed from the coffee filter and an inch or a few, covered with soil in the open ground or your pot. Some use cotton, instead of an unbleached / brown coffee filter, tissues, toilet or kitchen paper. However, my opinion is that unbleached coffee filters achieve by far the best results and this is my favorite method. I have germinated all the cannabis seeds so fard with that method. That is a germination rate of 100%! Then the last method that we are going to discuss is germinating your seed in (neutral, demineralized) water, some use ordinary tap water, however, there are different opinions about this. You place your seed in a clean glass, petri dish or container filled with water. After a while a carrot will grow and it is time to put your germinated seed in open ground or in a pot.


After germinating and putting the seed in the ground or your other substrate and covering it, the seedling phase soon starts, in which the seed gets two lobes and a stem. Within a few weeks 1-3 your seedling will automatically change to a young plant in the vegetative / growth phase, this is really fast.

Water (quality, pH & EC and water temperature) important when growing

An important point is the water that you give to the cannabis plants. Cannabis plants require water with certain values, depending on your growing medium often between 5.5 and 7. These values ​​are expressed in acidity or also pH value. So a correct PH is required so that your cannabis plant can absorb and absorb all substances (in the soil). This prevents all kinds of grower problems. With soil, a pH is often maintained between 6 and 7. For Cocos and Hydroponics, this is between 5.5 to 6.5. Now we are “lucky” that in the Netherlands (in most places) tap water comes out of the tap with these pH values. Using rainwater can also be good for your plants. You can purchase a digital pH meter to check the PH value. There are also strips and drip tests. However, the digital meter is often more precise. There are growers who still prefer to use strips and / or drops or who use both (for control). You can adjust the Ph value of your nutrient water with both mineral and biological pH minus or pH plus + and Lemon Kick.

Over to the EC value:

EC stands for Electric Conductivity. The EC value is the salt content in your substrate or nutrient water. The salt content is a good indication of the available nutrients. The EC value is therefore important because it tells you whether your plants are receiving the right amount of nutrients. EC is often measured in the feed water with an EC meter. These meters are easy to obtain. An EC meter tells you how concentrated your nutrient solution is. If you know this, you can give your plant more accurate nutrition. If the EC value is lower than prescribed, it means that your plant may not be getting enough nutrition. You solve this by giving more nutrition. Do you have an EC value that is too high? Then your plant gets too much nutrition, and it is best not to give it anything. If you do this, brown spots may appear on the leaves or your plant may even die. Often the plant needs an EC lower around 1.0 in the growth phase and as the flowering phase progresses, it progresses more and more to around 2.0. You can adjust your EC value by simply mixing more or less food in your feed water and measuring it. Would you rather take it a little easier? Organic cultivation often requires less (accurate) attention to the pH and EC value (s). However, this is only an option for soil growers.


My next blog would be about The Growth Phase & Training Techniques (LST, HST, SOG, SCROG, Topping, Fimming, Thieves, etc), the different growing mediums, the choice between full soil or pots , what nutrients there are, and the amount of light the right temperatures. Until my next blog. Enthusiastic? Do you want to start growing? Outside or inside? In any case, you will always find the best seeds here: Cannabis Seeds 

On behalf of the entire 24High.NL team I would like to thank the readers for your attention and time and everyone who grows their own wishes wish this good luck. years. Hopefully you all enjoyed and learned from the Blog and until next time. Do you want to read more? See our other blogs:Blogs 24High