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Hi, I'm Mike and this is my first grow report for 24High, and I would like to introduce myself. I am 25 years old, and I know a thing or two about outdoor growing. Weed is certainly not new to me, as I've been using cannabis for about 10 years for both medicinal reasons and its pleasurable effects. Since quite young, I have been interested in all things weed and have a large collection of cannabis stuff myself. I now mainly grow myself, because it is much cheaper. In addition, it yields completely naturally grown weed and I find it very interesting and fun to do.

The selection of cannabis seeds outdoor grow report

After my grow last year, which went quite well for a first grow, I decided to re-grow some of the cannabis strains and add a few new ones as well. All the seeds I started with are feminized. This means that (if all is well) only female cannabis plants will arise from it. After carefully making my choices, I have decided to grow the following types and numbers of cannabis plants this year:

  1. Monster Zkittlez 2x
  2. Critical  (RQS Seeds) 1x
  3. Early Skunk (Sensi Seeds) 1x
  4. Hollands Hope (Dutch Passion) 1x
  5. Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) 2x

These cannabis seeds have been selected because of their suitability for the Dutch climate, their relatively short flowering time, the ease of cultivation and the (chance of) higher yield. Hopefully they will all be ready to harvest by the end of summer and before the actual fall sets in. But before we can do that, we will of course start with germinating the cannabis seeds.

germinate cannabis

Germination of the cannabis seeds and the first week in growth

I started germinating all 7 seeds on April 9. My germinate method there is only one of many. However, this method has always been very successful (for me), namely: the "Coffee filter method". This works as follows: you take an unbleached (brown) coffee filter, make it moist and stop the cannabis seed with the (pointed) point downwards and thus the rounder side, with which it was attached to the (mother) plant, upwards. Now the seed is in between the two layers of the coffee filter. Then you put the wet coffee filter with the seed in a plastic ziplock bag. You can close this or leave it open, this is personal preference. Then you hang the grip bag with tape or adhesive tape on the inside of a (kitchen) cupboard, in the pitch dark.

The dark is extremely important! In nature, a cannabis seed also germinates under the ground and therefore without any form of light. Now keep an eye on the seeds regularly. After one to a maximum of 5 days, one cm or a few cm of root will appear. Now it is important to immediately put it in the soil or your substrate and to cover it well again. For me, this above-mentioned process lasted from April 9 to April 12. On April 12, I put 5 germinated seeds in the 1L Air-Pots and the 2 Sensi Auto Skunks in 0.75L pots. After a few days behind the window, around the 14/15th, the seedlings emerged. Then I carefully started giving tap water and food: Canna Rhizotonic root stimulator (about 1 ml per liter of water.)  

I first let the tap water stand for at least a day or two, This is to allow all potentially harmful substances, including mainly chlorine, to evaporate. It also ensures that the water is slightly below or around room temperature. Weed plants and especially younger plants and their roots find this a lot nicer. I water the cannabis plants about every other day. A good indication is if you put your fingertip a little deeper in the soil and the soil feels dry. Then you know it's time to water again. The weight of your jar(s) can also be a good indicator in the long run or after some getting used to it.

plants cannabis

The following weeks and the repotting of the cannabis plants

The following weeks, the cannabis plants all grew normally. When the weather is nice, I put them outside in the sun as much as possible. Luckily, I haven't run into many problems so far. After a while, the 1 and 0.75L pots became too small, and I moved the plants to their 38L and 50L Air-Potten. Now they go out and stay there permanently. First, I put a small layer of hydro grains at the bottom, for drainage and extra air supply. Then I added Plagron Bat Mix (50L) mixed with extra Perlite. This makes the soil even more airy, which is good for the roots of the cannabis plants. For the autoflowers I chose Plagron Royal Mix. Now it was time to transfer the cannabis plants. It is easiest if you press the smaller pot into the soil, then you can see how big or deep the hole should be. Then I dug up some earth with a shovel. Then the cannabis plants were taken out of their pot, put in the hole and pressed very lightly and filled up again. Afterwards, I watered them with a root stimulator and growth food. Let's hope they get even bigger soon!

Sites and Apps that can help you with outdoor cannabis growing!

Here are a few websites and Apps that are very useful for a cannabis grower and all kinds of cannabis information. Here on the website you can find a lot of information and read all kinds of blogs about weed. For those interested, you can read part 2 of this blog here: OUTDOOR CANNABIS GROWING REPORT - PART 2. With the following Apps, you can create and adjust a grow room or/and growing environment(s): Jane and Grower Helper. These Apps and Tools are very extensive and certainly help me, hopefully you will now also grow weed.

Closing word weed grow report

On behalf of the entire team at 24High, I would like to thank the readers for your attention and time, and wish everyone who grows their own weed the best of luck this year. I hope you all enjoyed and learned from my first grow report. Until next time! Got excited? Do you want to start growing cannabis plants? Here you will find the best seeds: 24High Seedshop