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It is of course useful that when you buy seeds that you also know how to germinate/grow them. It can happen that a cannabis seed does not germinate. This is what no grower wants. Of course the way of germination/growing does influence the emergence of the cannabis seeds

Different ways to germinate your cannabis seeds:

There are several ways to germinate your seed, but as far as we are concerned, there is only one way that is best and that is to place the cannabis seeds between two kitchen rolls as described below as the first option.

cannabis seeds

Getting cannabis seeds in the most efficient way:

Start with the ideal room/ambient temperature of 20 degrees for germination of the cannabis seeds. Wash your hands and place the seeds between two damp to wet half/whole paper towels. Then take a ziplock plastic bag or large grip/weed bag and carefully place the moist kitchen paper with the seeds in the bag. Hang the bag with the closure upwards so that the water (kitchen roll paper/condensation) can sink to the bottom of the bag (do not remove the water during the process). When the roots are visible (24 to 48 hours) it is time to plant them. Plant the cannabis seeds with the root pointing downwards in the soil. Keep the soil moist, wait patiently and watch the beautiful plants emerge.

weed cutting

Getting cannabis seeds in the easiest way:

Another way is to place the cannabis seeds in a glass with flat spring water with the ideal temperature of 20 degrees. The seeds will open after about 2 to 5 days. Now is the time to plant the cannabis seeds root-down in the soil. Keep the soil moist, wait patiently and watch the beautiful cannabis plants emerge.

plants weed

Getting cannabis seeds in the classic way:

Take a small pot and plant the cannabis seeds in the moist soil between 3-5mm deep. Cover the jar with foil and place it on the windowsill or in the sun. Make sure that the environment/room temperature is between 20-25 degrees, this is the ideal temperature for germination/growing cannabis seeds. This method of germination takes longer (3-10 days) and is less efficient than the top two options. Let me put it this way, there is a greater chance that the seeds will not germinate. Requirements: seed jar, plastic wrap, soil.


We always advise to option to choose "efficient way". After much research, it appears that this is the best way to germinate the cannabis seeds. After all, it would be a shame that out of the 5 purchased cannabis seeds only pop open. If the cannabis seeds have burst open, do not place them outside immediately. Place it in a small pot until the plant emerges and is about 10 centimeters high before you want to repot it outside. It is blowing outside and if you do this too quickly, the stem of the plant could be bruised by the strong wind.