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First of all, let's clarify the law regarding cannabis and its cultivation. Growing cannabis or the ‘’Grow’’, as it is also called, is not (yet) legal, so illegal. In the Netherlands, however, we make a distinction between hard and soft drugs.

Cultivating cannabis: Is it legal or illegal?


Hard drugs are strictly prohibited and soft drugs are tolerated. Contrary to popular belief, everything that has to do with cannabis is in principle illegal in the Netherlands. Hey? Illegal? Here in the Netherlands, the land of coffee shops? Yes, this is correct, cannabis is worded "tolerated’’, ‘’tolerated’, or colloquially, ‘’overlooked’’. However, here come some strict and sometimes ‘vague’ conditions.

Conditions that cannabis is tolerated:

  • The person concerned must be 18+ and therefore an adult.
  • Not violating the ‘’Growshop law’’. This means that it is not about commercial cultivation or large-scale production. Anyone who participates in large-scale cannabis cultivation is punishable by law. Only (cooperating in) hobby breeding is allowed.
  • The maximum of 5 plants is not exceeded at all times. It must also be intended for personal use only.
  • No professional equipment may be present. However, this is rather vaguely described in the law, but what it comes down to is that a maximum of 2 aids may be used. Resources include, for example, grow lights, but also food, soil or substrate, etc.
  • A person may not possess more than 5 grams. Points of sale, the so-called ‘’coffeeshops’’, may for this reason be a maximum of 5 grams per person per day.
  • Coffee shops may store a maximum of 500 grams of stock in the building.
  • ATTENTION! In principle, cannabis is not legal, in fact, it is illegal, but tolerated. So if you don't adhere to the ‘’Tolerance Policy’’, they can confiscate your cannabis. However, if you waive it and have adhered to the above rules, there are (usually) no legal consequences.

In practice, this works differently than sometimes. Landlords, for example, put their tenants who grow them on the street and, unfortunately, are within their rights. The tax can also come with claims and fines if they suspect that you have sold cannabis.

The essentials for growing cannabis


First of all, really anyone can growing cannabis, you really don't need a green thumb or a lot of experience for this. Water the plant, put it under the sun and let it grow. Do it the way you think it's right! But, isn't there a good or bad way to grow? Yes, it is, but remember that the English name for weed is Weed. Weed means weeds. Yes, cannabis is also a real weed and even related to the well-known nettle, which is its cousin. This means that in principle a lot is possible with cannabis and there are several ways that all work. The most important thing for a successful grow is to start with good quality seeds, having (growing) love and patience, using good soil/substrate, the right amount of watering and nutrients and especially learning the cannabis plant to understand because she really communicates with you. Let's start at the beginning. You would like to grow cannabis for your own use and as a hobby, now what?

Where do you start? What do you do first, and what do you need?

  • Getting knowledge and information
  • Seed selection and germination of the seeds
  • Water
  • Cultivation medium: soil and/or substrate
  • Full ground or pot
  • Nutrients/nutrients
  • Light

Growing report outdoor cannabis

weed outdoor

In the previous blog "Outdoor Cannabis Grow Report" you can read how I (Mike) started growing cannabis plants outdoors. In this blog, I explain step by step how to germinate and use the cannabis seeds to let them grow. To make the plants or cuttings stronger, it is beneficial to use a root stimulator. But when do you do this exactly, and what is the right dose? I will show the answer to this question and more in the growth report.

Below are the cannabis seeds (and quantities) that are featured in the "Outdoor Cannabis Grow Report" blog:

  1. Monster Zkittlez 2x
  2. Critical (RQS Seeds) 1x
  3. Early Skunk (Sensi Seeds) 1x
  4. Hollands Hope (Dutch Passion) 1x
  5. Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) 2x

Are you interested in how I approach all of this? Click here: Outdoor Cannabis Grow Report