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Amsterdam is more than just the capital of the Netherlands and its canal belt. Our city is also known for the vibrant cannabis culture with its coffee shops, because say so yourself. As a tourist, why would you not want to try a joint, if you know that it is legal and possible. While you can expect sky-high penalties in your own country. Also, for the true native cannabis enthusiast, nothing beats a visit to a coffee shop in beautiful Amsterdam.

The top 10 coffee shops in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, dozens of coffeeshops all over the city. However, they are not all the same when we look at the quality, menu and ambiance. Also, each coffee shop has its own identity and the corresponding identity, one coffee shop is more suitable for tourists and another. This is our selection of the top 10 coffeeshops:

1. Coffeeshop Bluebird

Relax and chill are the words that stand out here. Coffeeshop Bluebird in Amsterdam is a typical Dutch coffeeshop without the associated craziness, and it is certainly not a boring place. There are more than 20 different flavors on the Bluebird menu. That varies from import for beginners to super-potent strains for the connoisseurs. The hash offering is also very good. They have varieties from Morocco, India, Afghanistan and Nepal. They also have the super-potent Dutch Ice-o-lator hash in stock. Bluebird mainly distinguishes itself in terms of atmosphere. Most reviews are along the lines of: “Very good advice, good quality and very friendly staff.” Bluebird can be found in the busy Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71 and with 4.5 stars it is not a bad player in the market.

2. Coffeeshop 420 Café

This number looks familiar to us. Coffeeshop 420 is slang for smoking a joint, you can find this tokko in the Oudebrugsteeg. A popular location where you can find many tourists. The associated location exudes a chic ambiance. Coffee Shop 420 Café in Amsterdam looks more like a prestigious café than a sinister coffeeshop somewhere on the corner. 420's menu isn't very extensive, but they do have an exquisite selection of weed and hash. The balanced range consists of varieties that are currently very popular with the tourist public. Of course, you will also find traditional old school flavours. They have also thought of a wide range of snacks, drinks and coffee. They score 4.6 stars on Google.

3. Coffeeshop The Bulldog Coffeeshops

The Van der Valk, among coffee shops. With 5 branches, this is a growing chain of coffee shops. The Bulldog has 4 coffee shops in the Amsterdam city center: The First, Energy, Havri and Rockshop. Bulldog Port 26 is the 5th case. You will find this on the Westpoort business park. The First is one of the oldest coffee shops in Amsterdam. In 1974, they didn't start at the kitchen table, but secretly smoked weed as friends in an Amsterdam basement. It became a kind of haven for smokers during the time of the strict laws in America. The creative decoration of the store is reminiscent of that turbulent period. The walls are covered with photos and mementos. It's basically a coffee shop, nightclub and retail store all in one. It's a neat and clean store. This tent is just as lively as the square where this coffee shop is located, namely on Leidseplein.

4. Coffeeshop Green House Coffeeshops

A joint is always welcome after going out in the red-light district of Amsterdam. Green House is much more than a coffee shop. They are specialists in their field, with 4 branches spread all over the city they have complete coverage. Coffeeshop Green House Centre, Amsterdam is located a few minutes' walk from Amsterdam's famous Red-Light District. This case is the most popular. That is simply because it is located in a prime location. The look of Green House Center is artistically modern to name. The other places: De Pijp, Namaste and United are also worth a visit! Green House are master growers, so they can guarantee the quality. Their creations have already won several awards. They also have a very extensive menu with different strains; from popular to lesser known varieties. They also sell local cultivation. Their name does catch on in modern times, Green House is English for Greenhouse. Funny to see that connotation in their brand name.

5. Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje

No, no laughing gas balloons are sold here, but you can go here for all your ingenuity in the field of relaxation. This is a typical Dutch no-nonsense coffee shop and has the reputation of being one of the first shops in Amsterdam. The authentic atmosphere ensures that people like to feel at ease here and come back. In the summer, you can enjoy a smoke and a cup of coffee on the terrace. Their menu is a combination of old school and modern varieties. You can relax on the chairs at the tables after a busy day.

6. Coffeeshop Dampkring Original

From Amsterdam glory to Hollywood famous. It is a very famous coffee shop in Amsterdam. The facade is beautifully made, the carvings and pillars along the windows complete it. Coffeeshop De Dampkring can also be seen in a scene in Ocean's Twelve, which is why they always have a run of tourists who want to see it in real life. So because they have come into the spotlight for that film, they have called it a kind of "Oceans 12". This refers to the crew who made the film in Amsterdam and because they were also customers here. The selection of hash is top quality. Blowing is not necessarily an important thing, you can also just go there for a snack, tea, delicious cup of coffee and vitamin-rich juices.

7.Coffeeshop Babylon

Get it shaking, this is where Bob Marley's music comes to life. Babylon Is a reggae coffee shop, which is located behind the Beurs van Berlage. It is only a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. It is also sometimes said, who does not honour the small, does not protect the great.  It is a case with only one space. In contrast to its historical location, Babylon's interior is very modern. They have an extensive mix of cannabis varieties where you can relax on the leather couches and enjoy reggae. The choice is huge at coffeeshop Babylon, everyone will find a blend that suits him/her.

8. Coffeeshop Barney's

A chain that is more than a collection of coffee shops. Coffeeshops Barney's in Amsterdam are places where you can enjoy the best cannabis strains from the legendary seed bank Barney's Farm. The shop in the Haarlemmerstraat has won several awards. It is not a big business, but it is a nice and cozy shop. Barney's in Amsterdam has been inspired by an old-fashioned pharmacy, so you will encounter a lot of polished wood and mood lighting as special elements. Here you will find the mecca for gourmets. In addition to their award-winning varieties, you can also find other. Buy popular strains and hash. Barney's has three businesses on the same street: a bar, coffee shop and restaurant.

9. Coffeeshop Amnesia

The name may seem a bit mysterious, but it's a cool coffee shop. You can sit inside or outside, so you can chill out and watch the crowds pass by. Here you will also find many imported varieties from the United States. You can also vape at coffeeshop Amnesia Amsterdam with the provided vaporizers. If you get hungry, you can also buy cake and pastries, with a milkshake as a drink.

10. Coffeeshop The Stud

The coffee shop for the ordinary Amsterdammer, did you know that this place looks exactly as it was laid out in 1982 during its establishment. The coffee shop is small, but there is an open and friendly atmosphere. You will find tourists and locals there. You can also save a lot of money there, which is why a visit to The Stud is worth it. In addition, there is a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the coffee shop, with cozy smoking and reception areas. You can also order something to eat or drink there. You can also buy nice merchandise in the adjacent coffeeshop The Stud Store.

Tips when visiting a coffee shop:

You may have visited a coffee shop before, but maybe this is your 1st time. In either case, it is important that you know how to reap the benefits of your visit to a coffee shop. Make sure that you have no other appointments, this so that you can relax optimally and if it works. Then plan your visit somewhere on the weekend or during the holiday period, because the only thing you don't want is to show up at work half stoned. It is also important to leave valuables at home except of course your smoking papers, tip and bring a limited amount of cash. Take care of yourself and any loved ones, above all have fun and make sure you have an unforgettable day. Visiting a coffee shop is fun and cosy, so reap the benefits. Namaste!