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Ginseng is a plant you see a lot in traditional Eastern medicine. Particularly in eastern Asia, for thousands of years. But it is also a popular plant used by many people in North America. What for? What for, you'd better ask! For instance, you will find it in potency enhancers and brain and energy boosters. It also inhibits inflammation and boosts your immunity. This tuber is therefore called the 'King of Herbs'. Read here why exactly!

What is ginseng and where does it come from?

In appearance, it resembles ginger, but with lots of thin branching roots. There are different types of ginseng, each with their roots in different parts of the world. Ginseng itself, by the way, is also a root, which is ground into powder or, like ginger for example, used pure. The most common types are Korean or Chinese ginseng and American ginseng. Eastern ginseng is also called Panax Ginseng. Panax is Latin for all-healer, 'gin' means 'man' and 'seng' can be translated as 'essence'. So you can conclude that this plant has a good reputation.

You might also have heard of Siberian ginseng. This is secretly not real ginseng; it belongs to a different plant species and does not contain the same substances.

This is how healthy ginseng is

So ginseng has had a reputation for being incredibly healthy for centuries. For instance, it is considered a so-called adaptogen: a substance that helps the body adapt to stress in a positive way. Other adaptogens include rhodiola, maca, ashwagandha and medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi. But this wonder root has many more proven health benefits... Here's an overview of what science says about it.

These are the various health benefits and effects of ginseng:

May help with fatigue

The Medicines Evaluation Board reports that American ginseng is approved as a medicine for "fatigue and weakness in adults". It gives you an energy boost.

Improved focus

Ginseng can temporarily give you some extra brain power. Handy when your ability to concentrate lets you down for a while, or you have a dull job to do. You will therefore find ginseng powder among our products for focus and concentration.

Anti-inflammatory and boost your immunity

Ginseng tuber can help reduce inflammation and counteract cell damage. It also seems to reduce cold symptoms. So a genuine powerhouse for your immune system!

Sexy time

Are things not working out in the bedroom? Then give ginseng a try! Studies on both animals and humans have already shown promising results. For instance, it improves your libido and bed performance. For this reason, you will find it in Mr Stiff Stay Hard Caps, which especially supports men in those moments when they sometimes need it.

Risks when using ginseng

Like all substances and foods that have an effect on your body, ginseng is not equally suitable for everyone. For example, it may not be a nice combination with medications or conditions. Especially watch out if you take blood thinners and feel free to ask your doctor for advice.