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Do you use a dietary supplement? If so, you are one of the many in the Netherlands. It is estimated that more than 60% of Dutch people aged 17 and above regularly use a supplement. These can be vitamins, but also herbs, medicinal mushrooms or extracts. One of these herbs that is increasing in popularity is rhodiola. And this is not surprising, as rhodiola could help with various health conditions. If you want to know more about rhodiola for stress and fatigue, read on below.

What is Rhodiola?

Rhodiola is a succulent plant, also known as pinkroot. It likes to grow in cold regions of Europe, such as the Alps, the Pyrenees and the mountains of Central Asia. More than 140 active compounds have now been discovered in the roots. The two most potent are rosavin and salidroside. In northern Europe and Russia, rhodiola has been used for centuries for fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Not much scientific research had been done on rhodiola until now, but this is about to change. The little plant is an adaptogen. There are herbs that, for example, give more energy or have a calming effect. Adaptogens have a more flexible action. They adapt to what the body needs at that moment. That is also where the name adaptogen comes from, from the English "to adapt". That means to adapt.

So, rhodiola has the property of providing energy when you are tired and actually helping to calm you down when you are suffering from stress. Just what you need at that moment. For sleeping problems, restlessness, tense muscles and anxiety, rhodiola can bring relief. But you can also use it for fatigue and mental complaints.

Rhodiola for stress

The power of rhodiola lies in the fact that it helps make you more resistant to stress. It helps you cope better with tension, possibly reducing anxiety and fretting. Research shows that it could also help with burnout symptoms. You can suffer from burnout due to chronic stress and you are then incredibly sensitive to stimuli.

A 2017 study involved 118 people who suffered burnout due to stress. They were given 400 mg of rhodiola daily for 12 weeks. It was found that many of their symptoms were markedly reduced, such as depression and stress symptoms. Most improvement occurred in the first week, but during the following weeks these improvements continued. This was the first time a clinical study had been conducted looking at the effects of rhodiola in burnout. According to the researchers, the results were positive and they recommend further research.

Tackling fatigue

Are you tired? Chronic fatigue can be caused by anxiety, stress and poor sleep. It can result in difficulty concentrating, irritability and feeling physically exhausted. Fatigue symptoms are common, with at least a third of adults suffering from fatigue. This has a major impact on their daily lives.

Due to its adaptogenic effect, rhodiola could help with fatigue. The Journal of Complementary Medicine Research published a study on rhodiola for prolonged fatigue in 2017. Patients' fatigue lasted between 1 and 6 months or longer than 6 months. The latter group suffered from CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Without proper treatment, fatigue can get progressively worse. Therefore, there may be benefits in taking a look at what rhodiola can do. During the study, the 100 participants were given 400 mg of rhodiola daily, for 8 weeks. Their symptoms improved significantly. They suffered less fatigue and experienced a strong improvement in their quality of life. Their mood improved and their concentration was better. They also suffered less from stress.

Positive effect on brain

Rhodiola can also have a positive effect on the brain. You could use it for concentration problems, memory problems and brain fog. A review of 36 animal studies, showed that rhodiola may be able to promote learning ability and boost memory. A study on mice found that a single dose of rhodiola had a positive effect on memory. In the process, it was also found to have antidepressant properties. The researchers believe that rhodiola can therefore be used to support learning ability and treat mood disorders.

Rhodiola for fatigue and stress

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