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Dance E Happy Caps

Dance E Happy Caps
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The Dance-E is the most powerful Happy-Caps energizer and therefore ideal for a night out where there is a lot of dancing and romancing. No synthetic drugs but purely natural! The dancing is in him the ultimate mix of natural energizers and for the flirting part or romance, love herbs have been selected such as: Ginkgo Biloba. This not only stimulates the senses but also has a positive influence on the state of mind. Users of this Happy Caps Dance-E report that the effects have some similarities with well-known party drug, MDMA. These natural Dance-E capsules will bring you into a long-lasting ecstasy and stimulate your senses to the rhythm of the beat in your favorite club or living room!


Creatine 395mg, Ashwagandha 200mg, Panax Ginseng Extract 200mg, Ginkgo Biloba 70mg, Centella Asiatica 67mg, Choline 53mg, Vitamin C 37mg, Grape Seed Extract 35mg, Guarana (30% Caffeine ) 35mg, Rhodiola rosea 35mg, Turmeric 35mg, Bacopa monnieri 33mg, Piper nigrum Extract 2mg, Vitamin B6 0.47mg.


Take a maximum of 2 capsules, 45 minutes before the desired effect, with sufficient water. The effects will set in after about 30 to 45 minutes.

Storage advice

Keep this product in a cool and dark place like a kitchen cupboard and out of reach of children.


Happy Caps Dance- E - 4 capsules.


Do not combine Dance-E Happy Caps with other SSRIs (Seroxat, Prozac) or MAO inhibitors. Always consult your doctor first and read the package leaflet of your medication to prevent health risks. Do not use the Dance-E Happy Caps if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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