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Almost anything can be vaped - but you need to know what. That is why in this article we address the question: what is best to put in a vape? We also give you tips for making your own vape with mind-altering substances like cannabis and DMT. Because you can just put that in too!

What you need to know before vaping plants

First of all, it's important to know that each plant has an optimal vape temperature. Do you have a basic vape that has no temperature setting? Then we advise against experimenting with herbs and trip aids in your vape. First invest in a vape whose temperature you can set fairly accurately. The ideal vape temperature varies considerably between different herbs. Blue Lotus, for example, vapours best at a temperature of 110°C, while Valerian requires 200°C.

Think a vape is too expensive? Then remember that it really is an investment. After all, thanks to vaping, you do more economically with the substances you put in. In addition, it is healthier than smoking tobacco. So see a vape as an investment in your health.

If you are looking for a vape to put cannabis in, we have one tip: look specifically for a dry herb vaporiser. These are designed for exactly this purpose! If you have a vape (in your possession or looking at) that does not have this label, check the specifications or instructions for use. Chances are, your vape is perfectly capable of vaping cannabis and other plants.


Vaping herbs: what do you put in your vape?

Earlier, we wrote an article about vaping herbs. Namely, you can put all kinds of (dry) herbs in your vape and thus vapourise 'healthily'. Compared to smoking herbs together with tobacco, vaping is a healthier alternative. After all, you don't get all those harmful substances in tobacco, such as the rather addictive nicotine.

These are examples of what you can put in your vape in terms of herbs:

Vaping cannabis: how to do it?

Cannabis vaping is an alternative to classic smoking. The difference between these two forms of administration is that with vaping, the cannabis does not burn, but is vaporised. And that is less harmful for your lungs. The taste is also tastier and more intense - all pure, of course!

Want to vape cannabis? Make sure not to overfill your vape. Refilling is easy with a fine vape, cleaning a clogged vape is less easy. Cleaning is something you have to do regularly if you want to maintain the quality of your vape. Leftover hash, for instance, can become hard in your device, which is difficult to remove.

Vaping CBD

CBD can also be vaped to enjoy a pure shot of this healthy stuff. In our shop, for instance, you can find CBD crystals that you can put in your vape.

Make your own DMT vape: it can be done

Smoking psychedelics like DMT is quite an assault on your lungs and difficult to dose. And ingesting too much in one gulp can be great fun, but also very intense. If you want more control over the dosage, vaping DMT is the way to go.

How to make your own DMT vape can be found out with a little googling - internet forums like Reddit are full of them. The recipe is secretly quite simple. All you really need is DMT powder and a solvent such as propylene glycol or glycerin.

How healthy is vaping really?

Let's be honest: vaping is not the healthiest activity. But it is, however, a healthier alternative to smoking substances along with tobacco. That makes it ideal for those who don't want to use tobacco. A vape is also a godsend if you want to quit smoking. Better not make it a new habit, but enjoy in moderation. So use it as a moment of enjoyment, just once in a while.