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CBD Crystals 1000mg Plant Of Life

CBD Crystals 1000mg Plant Of Life
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These CBD crystals from Plant of Life are very pure, they have a purity of 99%. They are obtained from the natural hemp plant by CO2 extraction. This preserves the powerful effects of CBD. The crystals contain no residues of chemical or solvents. CBD crystals are a great way to support your health. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Cannabidoids can work with our bodies to restore balance. Plant of Life CBD crystals are easy to use. The quickest way to take them is to put them under the tongue. There, they dissolve and enter the blood quickly. However, they are also suitable for smoking, vaping or mixing through food. You can likewise take a CBD oil and add these CBD crystals to it to obtain a higher concentration of CBD. Enjoy the purest form of CBD with these pure crystals from Plant of Life!


CBD crystals 99%.



  • Weigh the CBD crystals:
    Before using CBD crystals, it is important to determine the dosage. Use an accurate kitchen scale to weigh out the amount of crystals you want to use. A typical dose can range from 5 to 25 milligrams, but this depends on personal needs and experience with CBD.

Direct Ingestion

  • Sublingual:
    A simple way to use CBD crystals is to place them directly under the tongue. This is called sublingual use. Hold the crystals under the tongue for about a minute before swallowing. This allows the CBD to be quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes into the bloodstream.

Mixing with Carrier Oil

  • Mixing with a carrier oil:
    To make your own CBD oil, you can mix CBD crystals with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Heat the oil slightly and dissolve the crystals in the oil by stirring well. This method makes it easier to consume and dose the CBD.

In Food and Beverages

  • Add to food and drinks:
    You can add CBD crystals to your food or drinks. For example, dissolve them in your morning coffee, smoothie or juice. You can also incorporate them into baked goods by mixing them into dough.


  1. Dabbing or vaping:
    CBD crystals can also be vaporised or 'dabbed' with a special dab rig or a vape pen designed for using concentrates. Heating turns the crystals into vapour, which you then inhale.

Storage advice

Store this product in a dark cool place such as a kitchen cupboard and out of the reach of children.


Plant of Life CBD crystals - 1000 mg CBD

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