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In our shop, you will not only find ready-made products for psychedelic experiences, but also grow kits and seeds. These allow you to grow your own psychedelics. Totally legal! After all, it gives a trip just that little bit extra when you know you're spiking on your own cultivated substances. That's why you'll find a complete overview of trip drugs you can grow at home here. What will be your next project?

Growing mushrooms: super easy

Popular in our shop: mushroom grow kits. Logical, considering the changed legislation concerning magic mushrooms. Not long ago, you could simply buy them in the smartshop, just like you get your truffles here nowadays. Unfortunately, selling magic mushrooms is now prohibited. But growing your own is allowed by Father State.

To make it easy for you, we have all kinds of cultivation kits in our range. There are different kinds of mushrooms you can grow, so pick one that suits you best. With the tips in this blog: A complete guide to grow your own magic mushrooms, you will ensure a successful grow of magic mushrooms, just by yourself at home.

Growing non-psychedelic mushrooms

Also consider growing your medicinal mushrooms. Fungi such as Reishi and Lion's Mane have a wide range of health benefits, but buying them fresh is impractical. However, growing these mushrooms yourself can be very easy! Get started, for instance, with our Lion's Mane grow kit. You will also find spores of all kinds of mushrooms, from trippy magic mushrooms to cordyceps, among our spore syringes.

lion's mane mushroom

Grow truffles yourself instead of buying them

For some a nice challenge, for others unnecessary extra work: grow your own truffles, how to do it, you can read here: How to grow truffles with a truffle grow kit? Truffles are abundantly available in our shop, so growing these tubers yourself is not necessary to obtain them legally. But of course, it can be an exhilarating project! When it comes to growing magic truffles, you have two options: use a grow kit, or create a growing substrate. The latter requires more time and more precision. Working sterile is essential here, for example. This is of course no different with a grow kit, but such a kit does make things a lot easier for you.

Psychedelic cacti

Cacti, such as the San Pedro or Peyote cactus, contain the psychoactive substance mescaline, and so these fall under psychedelics. You can experience amazing trips on these. Growing psychedelic cacti requires quite a bit of patience, as they take their time to grow. You can choose to start from scratch with our cactus seeds of mescaline cacti such as: Peyote and San Pedro. Or go for a handy San Pedro Trichocereus Pachanoi Grow Kit. If you don't have that much patience, buy your trip cactus in pots. Our large San Pedro and Peyote cacti will keep you going for a while!

mescaline cactussen

Fill your garden with mind-altering herbs

Whether you like gardening or not, everyone would love to have a garden or balcony full of mind-altering herbs! And it's easier than you think. With completely legal seeds, you can grow your own primal sources of DMT, LSA and other trip aids. In this article, we tell you all about it: Which mind-altering herbs can you grow in your own garden?

The classic: grow your own weed

Less psychedelic, but still a mind-altering substance you can grow at home: cannabis! With a little effort, knowledge and love, cannabis is easy to grow at home or in your garden, read more here: Common challenges and problems when growing cannabis. Those green fingers will come naturally. Get started with our cannabis seeds, choose the right growing equipment and enjoy your self-earned harvest!