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Would you like to grow your own cannabis? Or have you made previous attempts to raise cannabis plants, which unfortunately failed? Know that growing cannabis can be quite a challenge. A cannabis plant is more sensitive than you think. But if you get it right, you can count on a big harvest. Read about all the challenges and problems you can encounter when growing cannabis, indoors and outdoors.

How do you grow cannabis? The different stages of a growing cannabis plant

Growing cannabis consists of a few phases, each of which has its challenges.

1. Germination phase

The first is the germination phase, which takes 1 to 7 days. In this phase, you start with a seed, and end up with a mini plant: the seedling.

2. Seedling phase

Then the seedling phase begins. In 2 to 3 weeks, the seedling develops leaves at a rapid pace. This phase starts with a mini plant with round leaves, which transform into the recognisable cannabis leaf shape in less than a month.

3. Vegetative phase

The vegetative phase is one big growth spurt. The plant grows much faster during this period of 2 to 8 weeks than in the other phases. One blink and your plant is another inch taller, it seems.

4. Flowering phase

After a hefty growth spurt, the flowering phase begins, where the plant gets the buds you want. In nature, this starts automatically as soon as the days have fewer hours of sunshine. This phase lasts about 6 to 8 weeks. You can harvest when the hairs on the buds change colour. Are they no longer white, but orange? Then the plant is ready to be harvested.


The challenges of growing cannabis indoors and outdoors: how to avoid most problems

A cannabis plant has different needs in terms of nutrition, water and light during the stages it goes through. These are therefore the first challenges of growing cannabis that you need to be prepared for if you want to avoid problems. If a plant grows up indoors, you have a lot of influence on these factors. An outdoor plant is naturally much more exposed to the elements. That makes an outdoor cannabis plant face more challenges than a plant growing indoors. The main problems that can cause your indoor or outdoor harvest to fail:

Too much or too little water

Just like your garden plants or indoor plants, a cannabis plant naturally needs water. How much water is optimal depends mainly on the growth phase the plant is in. It is important to keep an eye on this. Check the plant's soil to know if you need to intervene. It should be moist, but not soaking wet. You can check this with your fingers, but also with a meter.

Too little water can stunt growth. An important sign of a water shortage are yellow leaves. If a plant gets too much water, the leaves may actually become dry. Roots can also rot if they have been standing in soggy soil for too long. Don't forget humidity either.

Light and temperature not optimal

Light and temperature are challenges when growing cannabis, which can be especially game-breaking for your outdoor plants. A cloudy and cold growing season can make for a disappointing harvest. Too much light and the wrong temperatures will especially be an issue with indoor plants that don't get what they need. So read up on the different growth phases and how much light the plant needs at that time. If you grow weed indoors, then lamps with a timer are essential growing equipment. Also make sure the plant is not exposed to extreme temperatures.

Pay attention to the colour of the plant's leaves. Light leaves indicate too little light, dark leaves indicate too much. A light meter and thermometer will help if you want to get ahead of trouble.

Fungus and disease

Important threats to your cannabis plant are mould and disease. Especially in the seedling phase, these can rear their heads. You prevent this mainly by ensuring a clean environment and optimal humidity.


Extra challenge when growing outdoor cannabis: pests

Outdoors, a cannabis plant will face extra challenges. Because you are not the only one who loves this plant... Animals will also descend on your cultivation. Insects in particular will be a real pest for your plants. Several insects you probably never heard of before will descend on cannabis plants. Some are very small and almost invisible, like spider mites and thrips. To notice these, you need a magnifying glass or microscope. By the way, spider mites are almost exclusively found on indoor plants, but they are a very persistent pest to get rid of. You prevent spider mites by not letting the temperature rise too high. The white fly, a kind of mini moth, and aphids can also cause a lot of trouble. Besides little creepers, you will also be able to find snails and caterpillars around your plants. And these can do a lot of damage in a short time.

Of course, you can use pesticides, but you can also go for the natural approach. For example, there are several insects that will actually help you keep pests away from your plants. These helpers descend on other plants, which you prefer to put close to the cannabis plants. Ladybirds, for example, are your friend, as they will eat aphids, thrips and more enemies. Predatory mites, on the other hand, like to eat spider mites.

A matter of care and attention

As you can read, there are several challenges in growing cannabis that can cause problems. Growing cannabis is mostly a matter of care and attention. Inspect your plants daily to see how they are doing and whether you can give them a hand in their growth. Furthermore, for a strong cannabis plant, it is important to choose quality cannabis seeds. That way, you give them the best start for a great harvest.