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There is an app for everything these days. So too for those going tripping: the Field Trip app guides you on that inner journey. The makers of the app: Field Trip Health, a chain of clinics that tackle mental problems with psychedelics like truffles or magic mushrooms. Their mission with this app: to be your 'psychedelic guide' before, during and after your trip. How does this app work and is it something for you?

This is how the Field Trip app works

The Field Trip app seems to have everything you need for responsible and fun tripping on your own. In their own words, with this they offer "an immersive, connecting, supportive, educational and composite experience to help you on your psychedelic journey". They do this in the following ways, among others:

Intentionality and journaling

In a previous blog, we wrote that tripping with a clear intention can help you become a better person and explained how to do so. The Field Trip app also helps you tremendously with this. Before you start tripping, it asks about your general intention. Do you want to heal, grow or process something, for example? This global intention is then fine-tuned based on your answers to a short set of questions.

The app also supports you in monitoring your emotional state before and after the trip. By journalling, you get more insight into patterns and can unravel certain thoughts and experiences. You do this with voice notes - just a bit more convenient than having to type on a phone screen while tripping.


The makers of this app know how important the right music is during a spiritual trip. That is why you will find psychedelic music in the Field Trip app, which is also made exclusively for this purpose. Artists such as BLOND:ISH, East Forest and Superposition, among others, collaborated on this. This music is tailored to your intention and should support your mental state. Still, can't the app's music strike the right chord with you? Then we have some good music tips for during your trip.


Meditating and tripping have quite a bit in common. You can meditate so deeply that you start tripping - completely sober. Then you can imagine what the combination of meditation and psychedelics can do! The makers of this app have made this thought a reality and incorporated meditation into it. Something we do get excited about. Not only is meditation a harmless and free tool to improve your mood and well-being with; it also allows you to get more out of your trip.

Psychedelic visuals

The eye certainly wants something when tripping. The app therefore contains trip-proof visuals and animations that can make you go that little bit deeper or more delicious. For instance, they treat you to a visual during a breathing exercise, helping you to calm down and shift your focus.

Read up on literature

Some like to go into a trip blank, others like to prepare themselves by reading trip reports and literature. The latter group can also use the app for that. It explains how best to prepare for a trip, how to get out of a bad trip and how to give the experience a place.

Trip sitter in app form

No trip sitter, no problem - according to the Field Trip app. In various ways, this app keeps a finger on the pulse during your spa trip. It asks how you feel before and after the trip and calms your mind with breathing exercises. You can also record your concoctions with the 'record' button. As long as you can still see or recognise them, of course. But trip-sitting doesn't go any further than that. So be careful not to get a false sense of security; an app can never replace a flesh-and-blood trip sitter who knows you inside out and can intervene and adjust when necessary.

Trip yourself with the Field Trip app?

Would you like to have your spiritual trip guided by an app? Field Trip is available on the Play Store and App Store, among others. As you might have gathered from the above, the app is especially suitable for use during mild to medium-intense trips. After all, the higher the trip level you reach, the harder it will become to deal with your phone.